Creating your “Bio” or “Profile”

One of the first and one of the most important promotional tools in your toolkit is the “profile”, or “personal biography”.

You’ll be amazed with the real results a well worded and credible biography can generate for you. And a well structured biography or profile can enable a genuine connection between you and your audience too.
That’s because there are some things about you that it’s very important that every prospective client knows. So when you start to prepare your own bio; and write about “YOU”, you’ll discover that you have many life skills and experiences that are valid and relevant to your audience.
And perhaps your story about your own passions and purpose will even inspire your audience too.
Here is a list of things you might consider including in your biography:
  • Your DPP (Desire, Passion & Purpose) and what you love doing.
  • Specifically what you bring to your audience, and everything unique about you (your “Quirks”).
  • All your relevant successes (career, awards, businesses, exhibitions, and designs).
  • All your relevant training (design courses, diplomas, qualifications, degrees or certificates that are relevant or show your accomplishments. And don’t discount and ignore on-the-job training, work experience training, etc either).
  • Membership of any relevant associations (Chambers of Commerce, Networking groups, etc).
  • Positions on industry committees, etc.
  • Charity groups that you support.
Remember… Keep it simple.
Two or three paragraphs should be more than sufficient.
Because you’re keeping it short, every word needs to be relevant, interesting and engaging.

Two or three powerful lines are much better than a full page of waffle.Are you ready to create your own Profile?

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