Tips for creating paid search advertising on line

  1. .Decide on the keywords- see document on “Tip for creating keywords for your website” for help on this step.
  2. Create a grabbing headline.-If using a paid search program such as Google Adwords, you will be given 25 characters to create a headline that grabs attention quickly.The headline should include one or more of the keywords you are bidding for as this will increase relevance to the person searching and hence the likelihood they will click on your ad.
  3. Descriptive text should have a strong call to action
  4. When you are writing your ad text, it’s very important to be specific, clear and relevant to the keywords. Use the 2 lines pf descriptive text (35 characters per line) to sell your offer and encourage the visitor to click through to your website or webpage.
  5. Provide an appropriate URL-The URL is where you want people to land when they click on your ad. This may be not always be your homepage. If your ad promotes a discount offer, it would be better to direct people to a particular page relating to that offer or product. This page is generally referred as a “landing page’ or a “squeeze page”. For best results, the ad should have the actual keyword near the beginning, then perhaps a special offer or feature, the company name, and a link to the page on your site that you want customers to visit.To increase leads or sales, you may wish to make it easier for visitors to request a quote, make an inquiry or purchase directly from the page where you have chosen to direct them.
  6. Measure and track performance
Finally, no activity is worth doing unless you measure its results against your set objectives. Most paid search advertising providers have readily available data on your paid search campaign including which adverts or keywords are performing better. This also gives you an opportunity to refine your adverts to maximise result

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