Are you still struggling to achieve the success that you desire in your Art & Design business?
Don’t worry, you are not alone. You are facing the same challenges that most Artists and Designers are facing right now.
The real truth is that these challenges will come up all the time whether your business is in an up or a down turn.
Would you like to know Why?
  • It’s because you still haven’t found a system and process that matches you and your business needs.
  • You still have yet to develop the business skill set required to be a successful business lifestyle owner.
  • What you have acquired right now is the skill set to be a successful worker NOT a successful business owner.
So do you know what the difference between a worker and a business owner’s skills and mind sets are?

A Successful Business owner is a leader and he/she works “On and Above” their business practice. While a worker (an employee) is a follower most likely working in the business most of the time. One works ON the vision and the other works IN the vision.

So if you have yet to establish the process to get you what you desire most out of your business lifestyle. I encourage you to find a system and process now.

At ArtSHINE our clients understand how critical it is to have a System & Process in place.
Therefore we work with you to establish a System & Process that suits your art and design business.
Our clients understand that no matter what their business is there are 8 crucial steps that they must have if they wish to achieve what they desire most from their business.
  1. Learn The OPIC System
  2. Set Purpose Goals
  3.  Plan of action
  4. Execution of the plan
  5. Review the plan
  6. Cashflow projection
  7. Stakeholders Alignment
  8. Investing on yourself & Team
Want to learn more about Systems & Processes and take your business to the next level?
It’s as simple as 1… 2… 3…
2: Come along to the next “Goal Setting” workshop. E-mail Quantum Compass (insert link: ) for details of the next half day session near you.
3: Contact Vinh for a no cost, no obligation coaching session.

About The Author

I am a Business LifeStyle coach who specialises in working with artists, designers, crafters and all creative professionals. Myself and my partner Stuart Horrex are here to help you to achieve your Life & business goal and dreams. We have had over 20 years experience in finance, retail,furniture,food,wine fashion,crafts and hospitality.