Top 10 PANTONE Colours for Men’s Fashion Spring 2011

Here are the top 10 Men’s Fashion colours chosen by New York  top fashion designers at fashion week.

When I asked my partner Stuart if he liked any of the colours for this Spring 2011. He would only consider Flint Gray, turf green, and russet and beeswax.  They are basically the same colours from the women’s spring 2011 choices only they are a little  bolder. Infact I have also asked my sister and she actually like the Men’s colour than the Women’s one, especially Blue Curacao, lavender and fire cracker.

Myself I personally like the bold and bright colours Regatta, Blue Curacao, Beeswax.

What do you think about the colours?

Would your partner like or dislike any of the colours?

Please tell me your thoughts and leave a comment



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