Yellow as a Colour Workshop 2 – Part 3 By Artist Pascale Rajek

Discovering Yellow as a colour
Two weeks ago, artist Pascale had shown us how to get close personal with the colour of “Yellow”. Today, Pascale is continuing with the final Yellow workshop. So are you ready to have a go with this exercise?
Get all your brushes and paints ready and enjoy the journey.
The next post will be “Blue” as a colour. Pascale will again taking us through a wonderful journey to discover Blue as a colour. So please visit us again in two week time.
Emotion painting Workshop 2:

Mixing Yellow, White and Black
Add yellow, white and black on your pallet.


TIPS: The darker colour is added to the lighter colour.
Use a spare clean brush or pipette to add water in the colour. Less is better


Have a spare paper to test the colours before adding to your A4 paper.


Apply yellow on your paper: thick, thin, very thin (watery).


Make some marks on the paper using only yellow.


Creates shapes, lines, movements, dots, etc.


Explore different emotional words: happy, sad, angry, excited, alone, bright, etc.



How did you feel about the thickness of the colour on the paper?
What kind of marks are you making?
What do you like about Yellow?

If you don’t like Yellow, what is it about this colour that you don’t like? The vibrancy, the brightness, the texture…?Now mix, yellow with white = yellow tinted*

Remember the darker colour is added to the lighter colour and if you can use a different brush.
* Click on Art on SurfaceI have left some blank space on my paper to add the new colour. This will allow me to see how the colours are reacting with each other. I would recommend this as it will help you discover more about the colour.

When mixing colour, you need to know when to stop adding yellow into white.
I have collected from a local paint store some paint chip to have some example.

Apply tinted yellow on your paper on top of the yellow. You can either follow the marks or

change them



What do you like about tinted Yellow?
If you don’t like Yellow, what about tinted yellow?
How do you feel about the colours together?Mixing Yellow and black= shaded yellow*
* Click on Art on Surface

Follow the same steps as before.

Take a moment to reflect on your experience with yellow.

How did you feel?
Were you happy? Frustrated?
Was it easy?
What did you learn about yourself?
Did a colour trigger an emotion?
How did you feel about Yellow? Tinted Yellow? Shaded
Yellow? All together?
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