Can you recall a time that you have a big ask?

What was it?

What did you do?

How did you feel?

In life or in business there will be a time where you may have a big preposition to ask someone?

For some people asking for something big seems to be a piece of cake but for some would be a nervous wreck and will have sleepless nights as the pressure builds.

If you are the nervous wreck type, its okay, I’ve been there too.

So don’t worry, it happens to everyone at first. Asking for something big is a skill. The most important question is what are you going to do now?  Are you going to let yourself get into a wreck or are you going to turn it around?

Whether you are a bold person or a shy one to ask for something big will take lots of guts to stand up tall and ask for it.

Remember this ‘If you don’t ask for what you want then the chances are you won’t get what you want”

So here are some tips you should consider before you approach someone and drop a big ask on them:

  • Prepare Well – Think what you would like to say or how you are going to pitch your big ask.
  • Plan Well – Make sure you have a plan for your big ask in place. If you want someone to invest in your business you need to do a business plan and a presentation to demonstrate
  • Execute Well – Rehearse or practice your pitch, execute according to how you have planned it out. Get someone to coach you with your big ask.
  • Build Rapport & Relationship – find out who would be an ideal fit for your business; assess who might have he fund to invest and propose how they might become involved. We all know that no one is going to give you the funds unless they know what your business is about and how you are going to use the funding. Always take the time to learn about the person/company you are going to ask. Build a relationship and get to know what motivates them to consider your ask.
  • What is in for them – At this stage you need to have an offer or what is in for the person, people want to know what they get in return so don’t just turn up without an offer for your prospective investor. People want to make sure their money is in good hands and what importantly the money is actually used for.

Asking for something big will always be daunting and nerve racking, however with practice  and preparation, well planned and well executed and if you think about each step in a logically way  and respect the people you’re asking, you’ll increase your chances of success and your big ask will be granted too.

Do you have a big ask you would like to share?

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