What is Creative Workshop?

Six weeks ago, we talked about different ways of making a living as an artist or a designer. We also discussed what is Retailing,Wholesaling, Commission, Consignment, exhibition and what do they mean to  your art and design business.

Here is what we’re going to cover over the next 7 weeks:

Today, We are discussing about What is Creative Workshop? and  what it really means to you and your Art or Design business?

Would you apply this option into your business?

Would it be the right fit for your art or design business?

So What is Creative Workshop?
A workshop is a series of educational and work sessions. Usually in a small groups of people meeting together over a short period of time to learn and gain knowledge of art or design.
Another way for Artists and designers to earn income is to use your skills and expertise to teach in art or design workshops. This is a fantastic option to make a good living as a creative educator. Running workshops also give you great creditability and exposure to the creative community. It will also keep you on the pulse with what is happening in the creative industries. As you teach you grow as person and the people who you teach will also growth their skills and knowledge too. That’s what we call a win win situation!
However, teaching and running workshops is not for everyone. You need to enjoy teaching and have the passion and the patience to share this with others.
The key to success with workshops is to start with “YOU”; why you would like to teach and what you would love to teach.
 What it means to you?
·         Define your skill & expertise
·         Decide what to teach and what type of workshop you would like to run.
·         Plan your workshop
·         Market your workshop
·         Find a suitable location to run the workshop
Tune in for next week:
What is Agency?

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