Breaking bad! Reset your marketing vibes

If your head is in a bad space, then you’ll be questioning why your marketing is in a bad place. And if that’s in a bad place, your business is probably going down the tubes.

It’s quite obvious that a negative vibe will attract negative energy back on you. Because like attracts like.

If you wake in a grizzly mood, think out why it is and reset your mindset to positive before working on your business. If you are in a bad attitude then the word ‘need’ seems to be recycled more and more. Struggling in business? Then you’ll be thinking: “I need to make more money, I need to do a lot of work.”

‘Need’ is a demand and usually out of desperation. It has a negative impact on your mindset, and you become obsessed with ‘needing’. But why not break the cycle?

What should you do? Replace it with “How”. How can I attract more customers? How do I get more sales? It will give you the opportunity to think and plan out you want.

What vibrations are you sending out in your emails and social media engagement? How you feel about yourself will translate into how you respond. So refocus, stay positive, concentrate on personal development and you’ll see your business grow.


About The Author

I am a Business LifeStyle coach who specialises in working with artists, designers, crafters and all creative professionals. Myself and my partner Stuart Horrex are here to help you to achieve your Life & business goal and dreams. We have had over 20 years experience in finance, retail,furniture,food,wine fashion,crafts and hospitality.