Pascale Rajek a businesswoman’s gift of graphic design & abstracts art

A graphic designer has channelled her creative skills into abstract art pieces and will showcase them in a solo exhibition later this year.

Pascale Rajek will be exhibiting her latest collection of abstract artworks in perspex at the ArtSHINE Gallery, in Sydney’s Chippendale Creative Precinct.

She explained: “Abstract art is a freedom of expression, both from the artist’s soul to the viewers’ eyes.

“For me, abstract art is the ability to create that is at once different and unexpected. It’s a way to have fun in exploring different mediums and colours, and they come from the heart. However, the interpretations of each are dependent on the vision of the viewer.”

Which is remarkable given Pascale is certainly three times a lady. From her art pursuits to art director of ArtSHINE Gallery to running Impact & Co, her graphic design business where she designs websites, portfolios and logos for businesses.

Pascale, who is also the designer of the ArtSHINE Magazine and the ArtSHINE Gallery website, is originally from New Caledonia but is now settled in Sydney.

After years of successfully running a graphic design firm, she enrolled on a Surface Design Diploma at ISCD and eventually won the Mokum Design Award in 2010, a stepping stone that opened a new door into her life of art.

Pascale’s abstract paintings draw on a deeper bond from her emotions and her ability to express language without a word, while her use of colours and textures are the essence of her message.

She said: “I am fascinated by the little things in life as well as the Northern Lights for my motivation to paint and create. My paintings are personal and a journey from within.

“A painting can start from a word, a song or a symbol, while the expression of sentiments or reactions of which I am consciously unaware allow me to create a dialogue of colours.

“The surface becomes the page of a story to share with the viewer, a discovery beyond the visible, an escape into the world of total inspiration.”

You can view her latest inspirations of abstract artworks in perspex at the ArtSHINE Gallery in April.


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