7 tips on surviving major life changes

In our lives, we will be hit with some curve balls which inevitably will shake our worlds, turn them upside down and leave us feeling defeated, deflated and helpless.

You will have to deal with these moments of impact, but rather than wilt under the strain, here are seven great tips on dealing with life’s changes and recovering from the blows:

Cry: It’s no good bottling up the emotions. Don’t feel guilt at showing pain. Crying is a human emotion entitled to all of us and we have the right to express them. Crying relieves pain so shed some water, it could be a turning point!

Embrace change: Depressed with life? Then maybe realising that change is a constant process is a start. Things will not always be as black as they are. So dig deep into your psyche and roll with life’s punches. Appreciate the good times as nothing lasts forever, not even the bad times.

You’re not alone: Suffering alone? You need to realise that we all have times of happiness and moments of sadness. Be thankful for, rather than push away, the people that are there for you through thick and thin. When a friend needs help, don’t hesitate to do so. Such acts of kindness will make those in trouble know that they are not alone.

Just ask: If you’re feeling down, then asking can be very powerful. Such as asking for help. Quit focusing on your problems and concentrate on what you want and need. Plan on how to go about getting what you want and soon you’ll see pleasant things will come your way.

Change yourself: Ever noticed that your environment has changed and not you? Maybe you need to be smart and adapt to the world around you. Only you can change and for the better!

Tomorrow is today: Rather than keep thinking of tomorrow and its opportunities, why not roll them forward into today and live it? You can’t predict what happens tomorrow, but today is the adventure moment. Remember tomorrow is only a promise.

It’s all part of the plan: We all have dreams but when things don’t go our way, we shouldn’t get frustrated. We have a purpose on this earth that we need to fulfill. All the good and bad things that have happened are simply all pieces of life’s little puzzle.

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