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Lots of artists and designers know their work is awesome. But for some reason, nobody has ever heard of them. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how good you are, if nobody knows you, then you won’t sell a thing. It’s important you shout your name from the rooftops. At least, it’s important your art is seen and speaks volumes about you as the artist. Here’s how to get noticed, and how to make a big noise about it too!

Make A Video

Art moves and evolves. Even if you are a portrait painter, there is a very mobile and active process of creating your work. As a designer, there is a fluid method for planning and sketching to final color. Video it. People are mesmerized by the work of artists. Get it on camera, speed it up and make a video. You should also make a narrative film about the finished work too. Good Eye Deer is one video production company that specializes in this kind of film. Make your work the star.

Social Media Coverage

There are dozens of great social media sites. You must use them all, especially the ones rich with images. Twitter now displays images attached to articles. FaceBook runs video clips. Use Instagram, Tumblr, Flickr, and any others that you can. Talk to other users when you Follow them. Get a website and regularly add to it with your thoughts, projects, and images of your work both finished and in progress.

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Work In The Street

You may need to apply for permission, but working in public is a great way to get known fast. And if you involve passers-by, you are more likely to go viral on YouTube and other video clip sites. Get out into the street with a mobile studio. Make a performance of your project. Speak to the audience. If they can assist you or get involved, all the better, because their friends will want to video it. Just make sure your stand as your name and website address on it so it will be visible in any videos.

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Find Other Artists

Use websites like Reddit to find other artists to talk to. You may find galleries, and online art displayers also visit the groups you join. Remember, the conversation works two ways. You should contribute to discussions and try to answer questions. And you should also pose questions or ask for information too. It helps your name become better known. Who knows, you may find some people to collaborate with for a display.

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Find A Reseller

Finding someone with a reputation for selling works like yours is an important step for anybody wanting to make waves with their art. You may be able to score a commission contract. If things are slow, why not offer one or two of your works to local cafes or restaurants to display for free? It puts your work on display to a large number of people each week. Choosing a chain means you can reach out into other geographical areas too.

Get your art out there. Talk about it regularly online. And most importantly, keep loving what you’re doing.

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