Everything You Need For The Ultimate Year In Australia

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Sounds pretty cool doesn’t it? A year in Australia, imagine all the incredible stuff that there is to see and do! You’re going to need to be prepared, though, if you’re going to make the most of it. So, here’s everything you need for the ultimate year ‘Down Under’!


Services such as Iglu can easily sort you out a home for the year, this is great if you’re largely intending on sticking around in one area of the country. For example, Melbourne or Brisbane. This is ideal if you are studying during your time there, as opposed to heading out on a gap year. Alternatively, you may fancy having the freedom to travel around and don’t want to be limited to one place. This is for the more adventurous! We recommend a hostel for this type of traveller. This is because, at a hostel, you’ll be able to meet similar like-minded individuals to travel with you!

Surf Board

Surfing is one of the biggest activities in Oz! You’re going to need to get a board and hit the waves if you want to be any good at surfing by the time you head home. The oceans surrounding the country make Australia’s beaches ideal for both pro and first-time surfers! Give it a go, it’s incredibly fun. You could even try lessons to get you even better at it!


You’re going to need an epic camera that can capture the incredible time you’re having out there. Your social media snaps need to be of the highest resolution to ensure that everybody can see how much fun Australia is. Consider getting an SLR to replace your standard iPhone 4’s under-par camera. The shots you’ll be able to capture of Australia’s greatest cities, such as Sydney will be awesome. Be sure to take an epic selfie with the Sydney Opera House. Arguably, Australia’s most beautiful bit of architecture.

Cool Clothes

That’s right, cool clothes. As in, literally, clothes that will allow the breeze to hit your body. It’s boiling out there, particularly in summer. Be sure to pack light and pack airy. You do not need jeans, however tempting it may be to include them! Besides, you’ll want to purchase a load of new gear when you’re out there, no doubt.

Paid Work

It’s going to be expensive out there. So, be sure to line-up some potential paid work for while you’re away travelling. Even if you’re studying, student life can be expensive. So, it may be worth considering a small bar job or waitressing at a local cafe to get you by! Your hard work will pay off, it’ll just mean you get to experience even more stuff throughout your year in Australia!

Hopefully, this guide has informed you of everything you’re going to need both prior to and during your stay ‘Down Under’. Australia really is an incredible place, so be sure to go and check it out. You can enjoy yourself now that you know everything that you could possibly need! Have fun!

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