Getting Fit Without A Gym Membership

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Joining a gym isn’t the only way to get fit. These alternative five ways could save you precious money and time, and be just as effective. Read on to discover how training at work or at home, and at different times from usual, could make a big difference to your health.

Go for morning runs

Remember, treadmills aren’t the only places a person can run! Pavements, fields and beaches work just as well. Three out of seven mornings a week, go for a run. You could go every Tuesday and Thursday, and then one weekend day, for example. You’ll feel so smug if you’ve exercised before breakfast- and for free!

Find alternative places to train

Expensive gyms are not the only place that you can get fit. Schools in your local area may hold classes in the evenings. These will probably range from low-impact exercises like Pilates and Yoga, to more active things like Zumba. They are likely to cost less than a gym membership. You also won’t be tied into a long contract, and parking will probably be ample and free. Finally, there is a chance that you’ll be able to find a great class closer to home than the nearest decent gym. This will save you both time and money on travel.


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Make a home gym

Empty garage or unused spare room? Bring the gym to you by building one at home. Orbit Fitness Exercise Bikes & Treadmills are great for this. You can add more equipment over time as savings allow. After all, the savings will start to stack up when you don’t have a gym membership! If you like to train with a friend, you need a minimum of two pieces of equipment, and you can use one each and swap. You’re then in charge of what music plays and what the opening hours are too!

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Exercise at your desk

If you want to get fit but spend lots of time sitting down at work, this can be difficult. However, there are ways to train at work. Consider the following. Use your lunch break to go for runs. Attach a pedometer to your trousers and challenge yourself with a minimum number of steps per day. You can also get a number of nifty items that live under your desk. You could get a stepper, or a mini exercise bike to get you pedalling. This way you can get in your best shape– and then maintain it.

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Change up your daily commute

Are you wasting precious training hours every weekday sat in a car? Or on public transport? If so, look for alternative ways to get to work. Could you drive part of the way and cycle the rest? Could you set off early and walk one morning a week, instead of taking the bus? Could you leave the car at the office one night, run home and then run back again the next morning? Whatever you choose to do, keep mixing it up to avoid monotony. Also, consider getting a colleague or two involved. Exercise can often be way more fun with company.

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