Is It Time Your Office Got Some TLC?


I want you to think about the last time you went to a post office or the department of motor vehicles. What was your impression? My guess is bad. These places are usually dingy, grimy and miserable. And what about the people sitting behind the desk or the counter? Well, you get my point.

I’m not saying that a beautiful, bright office will solve all your motivation and customer service issues at work, but I bet it can help. When people spend such a long time an office, it’s worth thinking a little bit about the human element. A few touches here and there will reward employees and business owners alike.

Ask Your Employees What They’d Like

If you’re anything like me, you don’t have much of an idea what the ideal working space for looks like. We’re all too busy arranging meetings, making calls and planning strategy for our next business endeavor. So asking your employees what they’d like is a time-saver.

In fact, they’ve probably asked for one or two things already. Where’s the coffee machine? Why don’t I have a fridge? But these are mere utilities. Get to the bottom on what type of environment they’d actually like. Is there a filing cabinet blocking the light from a window, for example? Maybe they’d like it moved.

Giving employees a say over their environment gives them a sense of agency. No, they won’t have decisions about how to use the productive capital of the company or where to expand. But allowing them ownership of a part of the company, even if it’s just the decor, will motivate them and make them feel a part of the business.


Speaking of which, decorating is a vital part giving your office some TLC. There’s a reason why Elon Musk insists on having the highest quality decorating inside his car factories. He believes that the working environment leads directly into the quality of the product. Employing a quality commercial painting service to brighten up the office can make all the difference to your workspace.

Good commercial decorators will actually sit down with you and plan out the whole process. Of course, redecorating the office can be a logistical nightmare. So they’ll also be flexible to your needs and will work around any big projects.

Organised Office

Keep Organised

One of the biggest problems encountered in the office environment is an abundance of clutter. This used to be paper and filings cabinets all over the place. Now it’s more likely to be wired.

But it’s not just the organisation of physical things that you need to worry about. Many office-based businesses create hundreds of new documents each day. Often, if people are not on the same page about how to access and store files, motivation can suffer. Holding regular meetings to make sure that employees can access the data they need will boost productivity and morale.

Nothing is more frustrating than battling the same IT issues day after day. So, again, ask your employees what’s frustrating and work out if it’s something that’s worth addressing.

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