Close Up interview with Artist Helen Dubrovich & Her Solo Show “Memories of Bali” 3-16 March 2016

Helen Dubrovic - ASCS

About Helen Dubrovich

Helen Dubrovich, born in Germany of Russian parents, came to Australia when she was three. When quite young Helen started to travel overseas and this influenced her eclectic work. Helen has chosen to work in a variety of mediums with various subject matters rather than limiting herself to a single genre. As Helen says, “one type of subject, and one medium leads to boredom. Not just for me as an artist, but for you as my audience too.”

1. In 5 words, who are you?

Creative, Imaginative, Romantic, Adventurous and Curious

2. Where do you get your inspiration from when you paint?

 People watching, travelling, galleries, museums, being aware of interesting things around me on an everyday basis. That can be seen in my art which is very eclectic.

3.Tell us about your up coming Solo Art exhibition at ArtSHINE Gallery?

This is my first solo exhibition – “Memories of Bali” launching at the ArtSHINE Gallery housed at CoSydney CoWorking + Enterprise Accelerator in the City of Sydney’s Chippendale Creative Precinct on Thursday 3 March 2016 from 6pm-8pm. The show will run from  2 March till Monday 16 March 2016.

“The first time I visited Bali was nearly 25 years ago with a friend who had been there many times. I was told I would either hate it or love it. I loved it.

5 Watercolour Village Life  “Village Life” 41cm x 28cm Watercolours- Timber gold – $350.00

We stayed in Sanur, a relatively quiet area. I found it serene and enjoyed the beautiful gardens, the beaches and was very impressed with the Balinese concept of design.

After the second trip I fell in love with this island. Every time I went back and walked down a quiet street in the afternoon and heard Gamelan music playing, or walked past a restaurant with the heady aromas ofBalinese cooking, I felt like I had returned to my second home.

On visiting Ubud in the mountains, and exploring museums, galleries and art shops I related more and more to the colours I found in the designs of children’s clothing, the colourful sarongs, and carved woodwork everywhere.

18 Ink and Acrylic Secrets “Secrets” 61cm x 61cm Acrylic and Ink, Stretched canvas – $550.00

I went back with a friend to the west coast of Bali to her cousin’s wedding which was traditional. It lasted all day. It  gave me more insight to the traditions and colour of this island.

Every time I went back I saw something new. I visited temples, met so many people, and found my own work started to change when my paintings started becoming brighter with intense colour. I wasn’t looking for a style but it looks like it found me.

Being a traditionalist at heart because that was the way I was trained, I wanted to loosen up my style and to try different things. So when I decided on a theme for my solo exhibition, Bali immediately came to mind. I’ve always loved the exotic and colourful with a dash of mystery. Bali fitted the bill. I’ve always loved flowers, gardens and birds. Bali had plenty of both. The island also had a mystique about it. The more I read, the more intrigued I became. There are lovely little villages away from the crowds, temples, jungle and so much more to explore. That is what I tried to depict in my paintings. The colour, serenity, flowers, birds and a bit of the exotic.

Hopefully I’ve achieved this. Please enjoy my exhibition.”

I0 Ink and Acrylis Bali Flowers“Bali Flowers” 66cm x 66cm, Acrylic and Ink Stretched canvas – $450.00

4. What creative processes are involved in the creation of your pieces?

I use lots of reference photos. When an idea comes to me I create a composition in my mind, then browse through my photo collection and create a composite of the various elements. The I add or substract further until I’m satisfied with my composition, draw it up and enjoy losing myself in my painting while listening to music.

5. How do you keep yourself motivated and focused in business?

Seeing beautiful work by so many talented artists which sets the bar higher for me. As well as dreaming, taking the time out to think things through and being curious gives me the motivation to keep on improving and trying different approaches.

1 Watercolour IMG_7033 Tropical Night“Tropical Night”68cm x 83cm,Watercolours,Timber Black – $850.00

6. Tell us about your long lunch event “Flavour of Bali”

This Long Lunch is a supplimentary event to celebrate my first solo exhibition “Memories of Bali”. With an authentic 10 stage menu created especially for the event by restauranteurs and culianry artisans Barefoot & Hungry, I will share my recollections and inspirations with you as we relax, dine together, enjoy the delicious food, and hear first hand about my art practice and my passion for water-colour.



Sunday 6 March 2016 
2 – 5pm

Use code “ArtSHINE” for a 10% discount

Download Menu Here

The first of many Long Lunch events hosted by Vinh Van Lam and Stuart Horrex, and the ArtSHINE Gallery housed at CoSydney CoWorking + Enterprise Accelerator in the City of Sydney’s Chippendale Creative Precinct.

Members and friends of the ArtSHINE Gallery are invited to join myself as we enjoy “The Flavours of Bali“, a 10 stage long lunch with the artist.

Bathtime“Bathtime”   $ Silent auction ( Bids start at $250)

7. A little bird told us that you will be having a Silent Auction on the opening night? What is that all about?

One of my  orginal painting is going on silent auction on the opening night of my show ‘Memories of Bali’ at the ArtShine Gallery, 3 Blackfriars Street, Chippendale, Sydney on the 3rd March after 6pm. The proceeds are going to the McGrath Foundation which raises money to place McGrath Breast Care Nurses in communities around Australia and increase breast awareness in young people. Starting price $250.00

In my own small way I am hoping to raise whatever I can by silent auctioning my painting “Bathtime”. Every amount helps to support those in need, no matter what their financial situation. My hat goes off to these nurses and the work they do. Please support them.

13 Ink and Acrylic Get Ready“Get Ready” 41cm x 31cm .Acrylic and Ink.Stretched canvas – $295.00

8. How do you connect with other artists, and clients?

Through art societies, attending workshops, exhibitions and connecting via social media.

9. What is the most important lesson in life that you have learned?

To slow down, savour the moment and connect with what I’m doing. Being present.

10. Your advice to artists starting out?

Believe in yourself and practise your art constantly.

15 Ink and Acrylic Topical Morning“Tropical Morning” 51cm x 41cm Acrylic and Ink. Stretched canvas – $395.00

11. Do you still have a dream you would like to achieve?

A sell out solo exhibition would be nice.

12 Where do we find you and your art? 

My Website:

Facebook: Helen Dubrovich Water Colour Artist



ArtSHINE Gallery – My artworks are showcased at ArtSHINE Gallery  housed at CoSydney CoWorking + Enterprise Accelerator in the City of Sydney’s Chippendale Creative Precinct

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