You know you’re doing well if you’re planning an event that will fill an entire stadium. Stadiums are useful when you expect a large number of attendees, or you require a lot of space.

I think that there’s something rather unique about the stadium atmosphere. Perhaps it’s the grandstand seating or the sheer size of the venue. But stadium events just tend to a whole lot more memorable. In theory, planning an event for a stadium a whole lot different from planning an event anywhere else. Having said that, all major events are an organisational nightmare.

Budgeting and Purpose

Hiring out entire stadiums tends to be a little more expensive than hiring out your regular business conference meeting rooms. If you’re planning on inviting thousands of people, it’s worth finding out how big the stadium will need to be. Stadiums vary in seating capacity by a large amount. However, the basic area they cover tends to be relatively fixed. So if you need a lot of space and aren’t expecting thousands of guests, then go for a venue with less seating. This will often be a lot less expensive. Things like a trade show will need a lot less seating, but will still require a large area.

However, if you’re doing a spectator show, and the objective is the fill the stadium with as many people as possible, go for as many seats as you can sell.

It’s also worth considering how many people you’ll need to make a profit on the event if you intend to do this. Remember, things like decorations, paying for performers and food will all cost money. And they all need to be taken into account before you can work out your financial position.

Consider The Food

The food and drink that you choose for your event will need to reflect the type of event that you’re hosting. If you’re holding a prestigious business event, then perhaps the best option would be to go for professionally cooked meals. If you’re hosting an event for kids, then maybe the best option would be something less formal, like burgers and hot dogs.

When considering food, think about who will prepare the food, and what payment model you would prefer. Will food be provided free of charge, or will guests have to pay for their meals? This will all need to be fully accounted for in the budgeting of your event.

Making It All Happen

It’s always important to have contingencies in mind when you’re setting up an event. Perhaps there are people who have not RSVP’d to your event invitation, but who are going to turn up anyway. In this case, it’s best to make extra provisions.

There also may be people with special dietary requirements or people with disabilities who need to be catered for. You can help facilitate this by talking to kitchen staff and to event assistants on the day.

Putting a stadium event together can be very taxing, but they also tend to be among the more memorable events.

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