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Marketing is something we all have to work hard at. There are so many areas of marketing to keep on top of. Social media, advertising, and direct marketing are vital to a business’s marketing mix. It’s no wonder that only a few businesses have the time, energy or resources to hold regular events. But an event could be just what your marketing strategy is desperate for.

An event puts your business in front of customers, business partners, and potential investors. Your event may be large, or it may be small. The point is you are there. You can see what your customers look like. You can hear what they think about your company, products or services. It’s the perfect platform for testing something new, without a huge spend on launch. It’s the best way to see what your company looks like from the outside.

Long & short event

Art Exhibition “Long & Short” by Artist Lesley Vamos at ArtSHINE Gallery

So why would you hold an event and how can you do it? An event could be a promotional opportunity for a new product or service you are launching. Or maybe it’s a chance for some positive PR with a meet and greet. Once you know your objective, it’s time to find a venue and plan a course of action to bring your customers out in good numbers.

Sometimes a seminar is a great excuse to hold an event. If you have something to say about running a business, the products in your market, or even your life story, people will be interested. Notify them using your regular marketing streams. A footnote on the direct mail or a pop-up on your website are easy to add. Make sure you post to Twitter and FaceBook regularly about the event. Ask interested parties to subscribe or confirm they wish to attend, even if the event is free of charge.

Gabby's Workshop

Business workshop at CoSydney CoWorking + Enterprise Accelerator 

At the event, have some merchandise on hand to help leave a lasting impression on visitors. Dynamic Gift is a website that provides branded and personalized business gifts. They could help give you some inspiration for ideas. Ask event attendees to leave contact details so you can speak to them again. Now it’s time to tell them what they’ve come to find out.

Be personable and take the time to hear what the attendees have to say. Even if you don’t like their opinions, they are important when you’re next considering your PR or marketing strategy. This event is a great way to find out what your customers think. So record that, and act upon it to make improvements for your business’s future. You can take this even further if you seek volunteers for a focus group while they are there.

If you are holding a seminar, why not distribute feedback forms to gather your visitor’s thoughts and opinions. Five or six questions that are answerable with a check box can be hugely valuable to you and your business. Events give you a great opportunity to meet the customer yourself. They can help you find more customers and even investors. But most importantly, they can give you some insight and understanding into your own business.

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