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So, you’ve been working in the same block of offices for a number of years. Now, your business has grown so much that you want to have a new workplace built from scratch. I bet you didn’t see this coming when your company was nothing but an idea! As with anything in business, you need to go about commissioning this new office the right way. Here are some crucial tips for a successful building commission.

My first tip is to start the commissioning process as early as possible. In case you haven’t guessed, having a corporate building built from scratch isn’t a simple procedure. You’re going to need to liaise with your budgeting team, architect, engineers and so on. This is all before you start dealing with independent companies like Brisbane Roofing. The whole thing starts with the Owner’s Project Requirements, or OPRs. This is what you expect from the building. It won’t necessarily be an exact match to the finished product. However, it gives you the opportunity to specify the kind of spaces you need and the functions they need to serve. During the designing process, your commissioning agent will refer back to these. Throughout, they’ll review how closely the design is matching with your request.

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My next big tip is to jump on problems as soon as they arise. I know that you have a business to run, and all kinds of things on your plate already. Usually, your commissioning agent will be told about these issues as soon as they’re discovered and act upon them. However, when other issues mean that something in your requirements has to change, you could be faced with a big dilemma. Some business owners will put off making a decision for a long time. This will only put a hold on the entire building process, leading to wasted time and money. As busy as things may be, make sure you’re kept posted on every phase of the process, and act quickly.

Finally, make sure that all the building’s systems are rigorously tested. After the foundations and basic frame of the building is up, the lighting, water, HVAC and so on will need to be tested. Although failing to do this is extremely costly, some construction firms and business owners still let it slip. Double and triple check that all the necessary tests are being done. Your agent should be working with the contractor for the project to put the different systems through testing. For example, let’s say you have to have large-scale air conditioning units in the building. Someone working on the project should run tests to make sure they turn on and off at their programed times. The temperature stability would also have to be tested in different parts of the building. Make sure these tests are carried out, and you’ll guarantee a comfortable, functioning workplace.

There you have my best tips for a successful building commission. Your new office may be a few years away. When it’s done though, you’ll have a feeling of satisfaction like no other.

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