Cope With Grief In 5 Easy Steps


When a relative or close friend dies, we are often consumed with grief. Dealing with the bereavement can also cause stress and anxiety. It is all too common to feel depressed and alone during these difficult periods. However, there are ways you can cope with the situation. By taking small steps, you can learn how to live with the grief so it no longer affects your everyday life. Read on to find out more.

Everyone Deals With Grief Differently

If your whole family is trying to come to terms with a loss, it is very important to remember that everyone grieves differently. Just because someone doesn’t openly cry, doesn’t mean that they are not going through the same pain as you. And we all take different lengths of time to learn to cope with grief. So don’t expect everyone in your family to be on the same page as you during the grieving process.

Hold A Memorial Service

After a death, it is standard practice to hold a funeral or memorial service.This will give everyone a chance to say their final goodbyes. It is important that you carry out this service in accordance with the deceased’s final wishes. But you should also say goodbye in a way that you see fit. If you like, read a poem at the service or bring a bunch of funeral flowers as a sign of respect.

Get Support

If you are finding grief particularly difficult to deal with, get support and speak to someone. It’s a good idea to tell close ones how you are feeling. As they will be experiencing the same bereavement, they will be able to offer you support and explain how they are coping with the loss. If you find the grief becomes all consuming and is getting in the way of your daily tasks, you should seek out professional help. There are many therapists and counsellors specialised in dealing with bereavement.

Look After Yourself

Don’t forget to take good care of yourself during this difficult time. Try to follow your usual sleep pattern and stick to a healthy diet. If you stay in physical shape, your mind will also be much healthier. This can help you better deal with your emotions. You should also try and exercise whenever you can. Try not to turn to alcohol or drugs to cope with your pain, as this can be very detrimental to your health and wellbeing.

Turn To Social Media

It is becoming increasingly common for people to create memorial groups on Facebook and other social media sites. It’s an easy way for people to share memories and tributes, which many people find very comforting. If you don’t want everyone and anyone on Facebook to see your group, make it a private one so only friends and family members can join.

Coping with grief and bereavement can be a very testing time in our lives. But if you seek out the right support, you will find the whole situation easier to deal with.


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