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Branding is important for businesses of any size, and that includes newly forming start-ups. Of course, these newer companies will have a hard road ahead, because they’ll need to design a brand from the ground up. It’s vital that companies get this right out of the gate, as when you’re two, three years down the line, it’s hard to change.

But, if you follow a few simple best practices from the outset, you stand a better chance at success in the long-term. This article will run down a couple of quick considerations you should be making for your brand, from day one. Don’t leave things too late!

  1. Identify what your brand will represent

Look at the product or service that you offer, and put this at the forefront of all your public communications. Look at a brand like PlayStation on Twitter. They’re related to games, and are always posting funny gaming images, tweets and videos, the type of stuff their fans will lap up. Similarly, if you focus on sports, movies, tech or politics, align your brand strategy with this service.


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  1. Think of your brand as a real person

I’m not asking you to take your brand out on a date, or run it a bath. Just think of it as a living person. Why, in some cases, a brand is a real person. Who do you think of when you think Virgin Media? Probably Richard Branson. What about Apple? More than likely, you’ll think of the late Steve Jobs. Facebook? It’s got to be Mark Zuckerberg!

While this credibility takes years to build up, it should be something you factor in from the outset. Every inch of your brand creation strategy should revolve around this notion. Why not add your own face to your marketing materials, or the faces of your staff? A real person is a lot more relatable and personable than a faceless corporation. Every human being has a personality, with thoughts, feelings and things to say. Why should your business be any different?

  1. Be consistent in your customer communications

Consistency is key. It’s key to sports teams, film directors, and businesses. All walks of life rely on a regular stream of something. Your business should always be sure to represent itself positively in the public eye.

This will reinforce your company’s character and make customers know what to expect from you. And, if people know what to expect, they’re more likely to come back again and again. Consistency will support your start-up, and can act as a shield that can protect you from naysayers and non-believers. If you stay true to your business and yourself, you can do no wrong.

So, when all all is said and done, a brand is quite a complex beast. Of course, not every tip will work for every company, but there are still a few general things that apply in any situation.

Do you have any business branding tips for start-ups? Perhaps you’re a start-up owner yourself, and have gone through this process? Whatever your story, leave a comment in the section down below!

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