Protect Your Workplace From Theft With These Security Upgrades


From single floors to whole buildings, business premises take many different forms. But regardless of how big or small your workplace is, it needs to be secure. If it isn’t, you are putting your products, documents, money and computers at risk of theft. While a commercial insurance policy can quickly replace these items, making sure it cannot happen is the best tactic. So to protect your small business, here are some security upgrades your workplace could benefit from.

Change your locking systems

Locks have been around for 150 years and are the most popular way of protecting property. If you have any broken or unsuitable locks at your workplace, you need to replace them as soon as possible. Alternatively, if you are using an building that has had multiple owners, changing locks should also be something you require. You should find a commercial locksmith services and ask them to carry out a security audit of your workplace. They may recommend timed locks or a restricted master key system if you have other employees. They should also be able to install key cabinets, make spares and replace your door’s hardware to maximise your security further. Never try to carry this work out yourself as you may not install them correctly.

Install an alarm system

Even if your office is tiny, an alarm system is an advantageous security upgrade you need to have. It’s one of the main deterrents to thieves and let you know instantly if something is awry. Alarms come in many shapes and sizes, but should always be installed by a professional. Commercial alarm systems services can suggest which type would be best suited to your business. They may recommend a motion sensor or a wireless alarm system. You can also have alarms with CCTV features. Find a system that connects to your smartphone when triggered so you can contact the police as soon as possible.

Laptop locks


Secure laptops

If your workplace is full of laptops, it can be extremely tempting for a thief to target your business. So get into the habit of securing your laptop and any other portable electrical goods at the end of every day. You can place them inside a safe or locked cabinet out of view and start a signing in and out system for your employees to use. Alternatively, you could install laptop locks, which makes it difficult for the item to be stolen. These metal cables can be connected to a table leg and your laptop or tablet to keep it securely in place. These can only be removed with a combination code or key, which adds, even more, protection. Keep the keys or code separate from each the item at all times unless needed. Another thing you should do is backup all your files from each laptop you own. So if the worst should happen, your important documents remain safe.

Consider these security upgrades as an investment to your business. They can lower your insurance premiums, act as a deterrent and give you peace of mind when you aren’t around.

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