Unique Ways To Celebrate Your New Arrival!

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Having a baby is a time of celebration. You have been through nine months of pregnancy, and a very painful birth, to have a baby. And now you are parents; your life will have changed forever. Here are some unique ways to celebrate your new arrival.


A good way to celebrate the birth of your little one is to have something to keep from when they were first born that you can put on display. After all, they grow so quickly you will forget how tiny they were when they were first born. A lot of parents choose to have a hand or footprint created, and this can be framed to be put on your wall. You can buy some kits so you can do it yourself at home. Some parents choose to have a cast done of the baby’s foot or hand which they can keep forever

Photo shoot

Another great way to celebrate your new arrival is to organise a photoshoot for a couple of weeks after the birth. It is fantastic for pictures of the three of you as a family. You will get a collection of photos which you can display at home, and show off to your friends. You could also buy extras to give to family and friends. The photos will be lovely to keep and look back at over the years.

Lock of hair

A lot of mums want to keep memories of when their baby was born, and a great way of doing this is to keep a lock of the baby’s hair. Most parents keep this in a pouch in their drawer or put it in a baby book. Another unique way to celebrate the new arrival is to contact a company such as Heart in Diamond who use the child’s hair to become part of a diamond. You can then wear this around your neck or on your finger, and you will have a precious part of your baby with you always as they grow up.

Start a baby book

Another unique way to celebrate having a baby is to start a baby book. This is an excellent way to record memories from when they are so little. You could either buy one ready made in which you just fill out the parts, or you could make your own if you’re feeling creative. Remember to put all the pictures in there of your baby to keep them safe.

Set up an email account

A lot of people are creating an email account for their baby when they are born. Then they write an email to their child’s account every month about everything that’s going on. Once they are 18, you can give them the email account and password so they can read everything you have sent them over the years. It’s an amazing present that they will treasure forever.

Christening or baby naming ceremony

The top way to celebrate a new baby is to arrange a Christening or a baby naming ceremony. It’s a great way to have all your family and friends in one room celebrating your new arrival.

Remember the best way to celebrate your new arrival is to spend time with them and get to know your baby.

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