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As a business owner, the success of your work culture is in your hands. If your employees aren’t working together as effectively as you’d like, a whole lot of productive potential is being wasted. It’s important that you identify the reasons as to why this may be, improving the issue in the process.

Team chemistry, morale and camaraderie won’t just pop up overnight, though. It’s a process that takes time. So, if you’re looking for inspiration – look no further! In order to unite your employees and boost work culture, follow these five handy tips…

  1. Plan activities outside work

It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant – a trip to the pub on a Friday would suffice. Sometimes, it’s just the work environment that gets everybody down, and outside work, your staff can truly be themselves. No matter how relaxed the office atmosphere is, people will always hold back. This means their personalities aren’t allowed to shine, which hinders team growth.

  1. Outsourced consultants

Having an unbiased party take a look at your business is a good way to identify its weaknesses. Sometimes, we are all guilty of not being honest when we notice something is wrong. And that won’t make it right!  A provider like Culturized could analyze your company and help individual employees come together. If productivity and efficiency is at rock-bottom, then you’ll need all the help you can get.

  1. Hold regular team meetings

Team meetings, as the name implies, bring the team together. And isn’t this the ultimate goal?! Maybe the answer to the question ‘how can I unite my employees?’ is to simply unite them? Regular team meetings also encourage collaboration and the sharing of ideas. Your staff can’t catch up on each other’s work from the comfort of their desks.

  1. An office photo board

This way, staff members can pin up photos from over the years. Nostalgia is a good way to foster great relationships, so take advantage of it. You could pin up pictures from that team holiday last year, or from your Christmas party in 2014.

  1. It’s the little things that count

Happiness breeds friendship. Friendship boost chemistry, which increases productivity. Helping your workforce become a lot more happy in their positions is a lot easier than you think. Focus on the little things, and the bigger picture will take care of itself.

You could install a widely accessible TV screen, so employees won’t have to take time off for major sporting events. You could run sweepstakes whenever these major sporting events are on, with a prize for the winner. You could buy a birthday cake for whoever’s lucky day it is, and all sing happy birthday.

You could hold an awards ceremony once a year, with fun categories like ‘Best Hair’ and ‘Worst Dresser’. You could start a mini competition with a small prize – perhaps ask them to predict how many website customers you’ll receive in the next month. In short, be creative and resourceful and it’ll pay off.

Hopefully this article has given you a better idea of how you can unite your employees! Thanks for reading.

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