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As a business owner, corporate events are an important tool. Not only do events allow you to get all your employees, clients and fellow business owners together, they’re also a chance to get your name out there. Of course, if you want your next corporate event to be talked about for all the right reasons, you need to ensure it’s memorable. What’s the best way to do that – make it fun!

The truth is, corporate events don’t have to be dull. If you’re smart about how you plan your next one, you can ensure that you get the balance between you event being professional and fun, just right. The more enjoyable and entertaining it is, the more the event will be talked about. For all the easiest ways to add an element of fun to your next corporate event, keep reading.

Keep the seminars and talks short

The aim of corporate events are to teach your employees something new or share a new concept with clients and other business owners. However, that doesn’t mean that the seminars and talks should go on for hours. Your best chance of holding the attention of your attendees is keeping each seminar and talk short and sweet. Or, having breaks every hour or so, to give attendees a chance to stretch their legs and get a snack. To add fun to seminars and talks make them interactive – ask speakers to involve the audience. It might also be worth holding giveaways too, of items linked to the talk. Think outside the box and you can make seminars that little bit more enjoyable. Some event organizers now give out gourmet popcorn before talks to make them more enjoyable.

Plan activities that are exciting activities that are exciting

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During breaks between scheduled talks and seminars, plan activities that are exciting. At most corporate events, a selection of newspapers and magazines are used to keep attendees occupied. However, there is potential to do so much more than that. Find activities that are fun, unique and exciting, and your event will be the talk of the business industry. Perhaps you could hire a barman to make and teach attendees to make mocktails? Or, maybe you could hire an inflatable climbing wall from Monsterball? Maybe hiring ping pong tables or foosball for attendees to play, could be a good idea?

Ask your employees for their input

When planning your event, don’t be afraid to ask your employees for their input. To get an idea of how your employees would suggest making your next corporate event more fun, ask them. Send around an email to your employees asking for any suggestions on making your next conference a little more enjoyable. You never know, you may get some amazing ideas back.

Add fun touches touch to your corperate event

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A great way to make your event memorable is to add features that normal corporate events don’t have, such as a photo booth. Hire a photo booth that comes with props and allow event attendees to use it to take fun photos. Canapes are a corporate event favorite, but they don’t have to be the food of choice. How about making the food you serve that little bit more fun? Hire a gourmet pizza company to make attendees their own custom-made mini pizzas. Or, how about inviting an ice cream company along to make ice cream sundaes for your attendees?

Corporate events don’t have to be dull; they can still be professional and fun at the same time. To make your next conference or event stand out for all the right reasons, take the above advice on board.

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