Flora And Fauna: Why Cairns Is An Australian Treasure


Given that it was, in many ways, prized for its remoteness when it was first settled, Australia has done quite well as a tourist outpost. In fact, scratch that, it’s done fairly well in any capacity you could really ask it to. But although it still takes a long time for most global tourists to get to, they still keep coming. It’s also become a highly prized retirement destination for people who want to relax somewhere warm and sunny.

A major reason for Australia’s popularity as a place for voyagers is the sheer range of what it can offer. It’s more than possible to spend over a week in Australia without even scratching the surface, and still have a packed schedule. Although there are plenty of cities, you can have a very full tourist experience without even visiting them. And if you enjoy the unspoilt beauty of what Mother Nature has given us, you’ve got a treat in store.

For anyone who is captivated by nature, just reading about one or other area of the country is spellbinding. The Cairns region is often not talked about as much as other parts of Australia. And that’s a shame because, as you’ll see, it’s got a lot to offer.

Sea Life

Cairns is, so all the brochures and websites remind us, the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef. And that is no small boast, as the Reef is absolutely pivotal to Australia’s tourism industry and its natural environment. It’s said that there are more unique species of fish here than you’ll find anywhere else in the world. Take a glass-bottomed boat tour, or hop in a semi-submersible and you can see the reef – and the fish – up close.

A trip out to either of the main islands – Green Island and Fitzroy Island – will be a perfect way to have a short, relaxing cruise. Once there, there’s time to sunbathe and watch some of the local wildlife. You can have a bite to eat while looking out to sea.


Although in most of the world, if you say “Australian animal”, they’ll say “Kangaroo”, the koala is as much a national symbol as its larger friend. There are numerous Cairns koala attractions and you even get a chance to cuddle the cute, furry creatures. It’s a pretty special experience, but make sure you’re turning up on the right day!

Don’t Forget The Flora

Yes, Cairns has plenty going for it in the way of animal life, but there’s plenty of plant life too. A trip to the Daintree Rainforest is one of those “can’t miss” prospects, and on all tours Cairns Botanic Gardens is well worth a visit. There you’ll get to see a range of plant life that is unrivalled anywhere else, as well as butterflies and birds. The Cairns birdwing is the biggest butterfly in Australia. The Flame of the Forest, a flowering vine, is also well worth seeing.

Yes, any trip to Cairns will be a magical experience for anyone who is enthralled by nature’s bounty. If you manage to see it all in one week, you’re doing pretty well. If you don’t? All the more reason for another trip.

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