Profitable Reasons Your Farm Business Should Go Organic

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Starting a farming business is a dying venture. As the world moves away from traditional butchers and grocery stores, farmers can see their profits diminished.

But what few farms are left are incredibly vital to our economy. They supply us with the foodstuffs we eat every day, at reasonable prices. However, it’s common knowledge that farmers usually get a duff deal when selling their goods.

And this is why it’s time for a change in your own business. By going organic, you put the power firmly back in your hands.

High demand for organic products

Environmental concerns and animal welfare are two issues that never leave the public consciousness. The safety of our food is another, and organic produce tackles all three.

It’s natural, less reliant on the chemicals which can harm animals, the soil and even be transferred to our food. People love to buy organic produce, and where there’s demand, there needs to be a supply!

Save money on fertilizer

Your typical, conventional farm will have to spend a lot of money buying expensive fertilizer. This keeps the soil healthy, supplying those vital nutrients to the plants and ensuring crops are grown to a high standard.

However, these mass-produced fertilizers are expensive, and it’s a cost that your farm will have to foot. You’ll need to buy in lots of it, as and when needed, and the expenses can quickly start to outweigh any profits.

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But, by going organic, you rely solely on naturally-produced waste. This is, obviously, free, and you have as much of it as you need. This does mean you’ll have to store large amounts of natural fertilizer, but there are ways around that.

If storage is your concern, you can build custom-sized farm sheds that are created as per your spatial needs. This way, you can hoard as much natural fertilizer as you want and keep it safe until needed.

Organic products sell for more money

This one’s common knowledge, but a quick glance over prices in food stores will tell you all you need to know. This extra cost gets transferred into the farmer’s bank account for a job well done. Any costs of going organic will be offset by the profits.

Organic products need to be consumed quickly

Since organic products don’t use shelf-life increasing chemicals, they need to be eaten much more quickly.

This may seem like a bad thing, but it’s not. It means you’ll have to transport your goods a shorter distance, saving fuel costs. And because they have to be consumer more quickly, people will have to buy lots if they want to eat organic regularly.

This means you’ll sell more, and make more money! Reasons Your Farm Business Should Go Organic

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Higher resale value

Since your farm isn’t being damaged by all sorts of chemicals, the resale value of your estate will be higher. The soil will be richer and healthier, and your land will be in better shape.

Going organic is a way to prepare for the future as much as it is a way to help the environment.


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