Design An Office That Looks And Feels More Natural

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These days, being green as a business owner is more important than ever. Governments and businesses all over the world are under a lot of pressure to be eco-friendly, and the environment is becoming more and more important to consumers. Staying in-step with this, we’re seeing countless business owners re-design their offices to look and feel a little more natural. If you want to do this too, then here’s some handy advice for going about it.

First of all, start budgeting for some natural materials that make you and your employees feel at ease. We all have an inherent connection to the great outdoors, which is why many natural materials make us feel so tranquil. Having a workplace that de-stresses your employees can be extremely valuable, so make sure you’re making this a priority. Engineered timber flooring, leather furniture, and seagrass baskets are just a few features that can really chill out a busy office. Remember though that everyone is different, and what resonates with one of your employees might make another one cringe. After you’ve put together a few ideas, have a walk around the office and ask for people’s opinions on the different materials you could use. This will certainly go down better than having a rock wall installed out of the blue!

Design An Office That Looks And Feels More Natural

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One great tip we’re seeing in a lot of modern interior design journals is using brick as a cheap and appealing backdrop or focal point. Exposed brickwork is a truly ancient design technique, and even today there are few things which come close to the potent impact it can have on a room. Okay, so bricks aren’t exactly a natural material. However, they certainly feel a lot more organic than some of the cold, minimalist interiors we’re seeing in 2016! The uniformity and rugged texture of a brick wall can make an incredibly gorgeous backdrop to any urban office. If you’ve already got exposed brick in your office, then utilising it will also be a lot cheaper than smothering it with an ugly wallpaper. You can counter the dull reds and browns with some brightly coloured furniture, or simply paint the wall so that it fits with the rest of the office.

Finally, putting an emphasis on sustainability can add a lot of value to an office you own, and make your office flower child very happy! As I mentioned before, the international green movement has never been bigger, and sustainable materials are looking a lot better than they have in the past! After a quick Google search, I’m sure you’ll be able to find all kinds of sustainable products which will look great in your office. You may want to buy some old wooden railroad slats, and have them installed as rustic ceiling support beams. There are many companies out there which produce outdoor furniture made from 100% recycled plastic. At the very least, you can choose contractors and renovators that use reclaimed materials. There are countless possibilities, so have a look. Sustainability may look a lot better than you’d expect!

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