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There are plenty of reasons why you might be looking to put a little extra cash in your bank account. One of the main reasons people might be saving is to pay for an expensive holiday. It can be difficult to scrounge together the cash if you don’t have a plan. But we do and here are all the best options for making some extra cash.

Sell Your Car

If you’re bored of your car, you don’t need it anymore, or it’s causing problems, sell it. There are companies that offer cash for cars, damaged or undamaged. They’ll pick it up, tow it away for you and leave you with cash and the car valued at market price. It’s a great and simple way to get a little extra money in your wallet.

Of course, you could also go the alternate route and rent your car out. That’s another way to generate a more constant influx of cash into your account. It all depends on what type of condition your car is in.

Rent A Room In Your Home

Since we’re talking about renting, you can also consider renting a room in your home. A lot of parents do this after their kids have finally flown the nest. Although, these days that can take a lot longer than you’d expect. Still, if your kids still living at home after 21, you might want to think about making them pay rent. If you do rent out your home to a stranger, you just need to make sure that you legally can. If you own the home, you can typically do whatever you want. If you’re renting, you’ll probably need to ask, and some landlords might say no.

Work Online

If you’ve got some spare time, perhaps because you’re retired, you can get extra cash by working online. There are plenty of jobs available, such as completing surveys. You’ll get paid cash on the hour to complete as many surveys as you can. This gives businesses the feedback from customers that they need. Another job is website testing. It’s certainly boring, but it’s also really easy to do, so it’s not a stressful chore. Time-consuming, perhaps, but it pays good money.


If you’re looking to raise money fast, you might want to consider borrowing. Payday loans used to get a bad rep in the media. Now, though, there are new rules and regulations to stop a lender swindling you for all the cash in your account. You can make sure that you get the money you need without the risk involved. Just make sure you understand how much interest you’ll be expected to repay and when it’s due. It’s the perfect solution if you’re a little short on holiday money this year.


Or finally, you can offer the skill you possess to paying customers at a certain price. That could be tutoring, writing or even online marketing. If you know how you can market yourself as a freelancer and charge for the service. Be aware, though, a few bad reviews can kill a freelance career faster than you’d imagine.


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