What A Beautiful Working Space Says To Your Clients

If you’re a small business owner or a freelancer, you’ll know that just being good at what you do isn’t enough to win new clients. You’ve also got to have a knack for presenting your wares in the most favourable light. Marketing experts know this only too well. A freelancer or business can have the best product in the world. But if it’s not sold in the right context, it’ll go nowhere. Thus, entrepreneurs of all stripes need to sell themselves, not only with their products but their working space too.

High-Quality Visuals Means High-Quality Product

Kissmetrics recently did a survey on what influences people when they buy a product. Nine out of ten responded that they bought based on the visual appearance of the product and store. It’s an exciting finding and one that deserves unpacking. Say, for instance; you went to the department store to find a new bottle of perfume. You walk up to the counter and see the type of fragrance you’d usually buy, except for one small change. It’s no longer in a beautiful, glass bottle. It’s now in a cheap, plastic container. The product inside is exactly the same. But all of a sudden, you don’t feel the same strong urge to part with your $80 that you did before.


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This example shows how much people can be influenced by the strength of visual appeal. High-quality visuals do equate in the minds of many to high-quality service. That’s why it’s a good idea to have a look around your own office, especially if you regularly entertain clients. Is the furniture well-maintained? Or is it time to pay the local office supplies store a visit? Is the paint beautiful and vibrant? Or are you long overdue a visit from the commercial painters? Are the plants hydrated? Or do they need watering?

The Surroundings Tell The Client About Your Role

The type of office in which you work can help enormously to “set the scene.” You can think about this a little bit like how you might think about props in a play. You want props that enable you to play your professional role, especially when you have clients over to visit. ]

Of course, that doesn’t mean faking it. It just means making sure that your office has some character and some storytelling beyond mere function. There should be a history to it. And there should be elements that reinforce the idea that you’re an amazing designer/lawyer/retailer.


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There’s also some evidence that people are more likely to trust you based on the feel of your office. If your workspace is harsh and dark, you’re likely to be regarded with suspicion. If it’s warm and bright, then you’ll be treated with trust and generate more rapport. Note that none of this actually has anything to do with your personal trustworthiness. It’s all generated out of the associations people have with rooms with different moods.

Beautiful working spaces also allow you an opportunity to wow clients with your portfolio before they even meet you. Having examples of your work all over the walls can help to ease client fears and sell the quality of your work.

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