Industry Pick of the week: Why Are Today’s Roofing Companies Finding It So Hard To Grow?

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This week, we want to share with you about customer service in general. We selected a non creative industry. This is  great to do once a while is to look outside of the square. Using other industry to build your our business by pick up some of  the business tips and information that can help your business.

The business we have selected is the Roofing Industry.

It’s never plain sailing at the best of times to grow a business these days. The turbulent economy is one factor that limits how fast an enterprise can grow. Another is down to the perceived cost of products and services bought by customers. In other words, they think that a company is overcharging for what they are offering.

Roofing is a niche that is part of the wider construction industry. Given that we all need somewhere to live, you would think roofers are always busy. The sad truth is that’s not always the case. Many roofing companies struggle to break even let alone make a profit.

Intrigued by this, I decided to conduct some research into the subject. Believe it or not, the economy isn’t the main reason why roofers aren’t making any money. Read on to find out more about the results. Prepared to get shocked at what I’ve discovered!

Bad customer service

One might assume that roofers only get employed by construction companies. The thing is, much of their business comes from private residential and commercial clients.

You may also assume that, as with other niches, roofers provide an excellent service. However, that isn’t always the case. I discovered that only a minority of roofing companies offered good customer service.

The bulk of a roofing firm’s work comes from residential projects. Homeowners often call upon roofers to repair or replace the roofs on their homes. The thing is, more homeowners are starting to do the work themselves. Why? Many are fed up with the poor customer service they get from roofers.

Yes, customer service isn’t just about manners. It’s also about attitude and taking ownership of problems. It seems roofing companies still have a lot to learn in this area.

Getting wiped out by larger competitors

Don’t get me wrong; not all roofing contractors have poor customer service! In fact, some of the ones that offer the best service happen to be sole traders. The trouble is, those men and women that work for themselves find it hard to compete with big businesses.


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As a result, they end up throwing in the towel, as it were. After all; many of their customers will go with a roofer that offers a good price. Larger companies have bigger buying power and so can undercut smaller sole trader competitors.

Not using the right materials for each project

Lastly, the biggest reason for our lack of confidence in roofers is poor workmanship. Well, they might know how to apply different materials to one’s roof. But, they just aren’t using the right ones for each job!

For example, they don’t use products like Findlay Evans Waterproofing for flat roofs. Nor do they use terracotta roof tiles for certain constructions. Aside from aesthetic issues, they can also cause problems like leaks and poor insulation.

So, why do some roofers use the wrong materials? Is it inexperience? Or perhaps just a simple mistake when ordering items for their clients?

Not using the right materials for each project

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It turns out the reason boils down to money. They are trying to cut corners on their costs to maximise their profits.

The trouble with that strategy is that it can do a roofing firm’s brand reputation a lot of damage. Plus, it’s also harming the roofing industry as a whole.

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