Ask any entrepreneur, and they’ll tell you that their business lives and dies by the quality of their employees. But getting hold of the right people can be tough indeed. The best people always have plenty of options. So grabbing them, and getting them to work for you can be difficult. It’s especially hard for those businesses that are just starting up.

The key here is to see top talent as a type of customer. They need to be wooed and persuaded to join your business. In fact, many expect as much and come well-prepared to the negotiating table.

Here’s we’re going to look at some of the innovative tools companies are using to attract the best talent to their enterprises. Let’s take a look.

Open-Ended Job Postings

Zappos hit the news recently. The company has started experimenting with what it calls, open-ended job titles. Others, like digital media company Upworthy, followed suit. And now we have a string of businesses that don’t advertise specific jobs. But why?

The reasoning behind all this seems to be the fact that many companies now view people as being more important than skills. Skills can be taught, after all. But people and their attitudes are much harder to change.

Then there’s the fact that in many of these digital businesses, requisite skills are changing all the time. One minute, you’re a social media marketing guru. The next, you’re trying to design a new product. It all means that advertising for specific skills is no longer as helpful as it used to be. Whether open-ended job titles become a trend remains to be seen. But where the innovators start, the rest usually follow.

Video Recruitment

Companies that want to attract the best talent know that they have to advertise. Now many are approaching job advertisements in the same way that they would in the consumer market.

Businesses are hiring companies, like Rocket Productions, to produce bespoke recruitment videos. The idea behind these videos is to showcase what the company has to offer and appeal directly to potential employees. In other words, firms want to show prospective workers that they are a great place to work.

Video Recruitment

We also see the rise of video interviews. Recruiters know how much of a hassle it is for somebody to fly in for an interview for a job they might not get. So many are turning to Google Hangouts and Zoom to conduct interviews online.

Big Data

Big data is one of those buzzwords that just won’t go away. It’s found it’s way into practically every aspect of business. And now it’s being used to benefit HR.

Businesses have started using big data as a tool to sift through thousands of potential candidates for their jobs. No longer are companies trawling through filing cabinets to find good resumes. They’re combining data and search to seek out the most promising candidates. Intelligent software can look through thousands of resumes and then find those people with the right skills. The cool thing about this method is that it allows companies to find fresh talent which ups their bargaining power.

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