Last week, I emphasised the four most important steps to becoming an in-demand artist. These were: Be detailed; Real life, real art; and The power of ‘No

While these skills will shape you technically as a creative talent, there are five common characteristics that will help drive you to become a very successful artist. The five P’s are:


Persistence is the quality that allows someone to continue doing something or trying to do something even when it is difficult or opposed by others. As an artist, you need persistence to help improve your skill sets; learn new skills; finish pieces of art; build and sustain a successful art career.

You need persistence to fuel and fulfill your dreams, to earn a living from art, and to keep creating and selling art. An artist with persistence overcomes the challenges and stays the course.


To endure, enables an artist to see out and finalise art works, to build a clientele and to have a great career built on their art.


Passion is the main motivator for an artist and is the driving force to create. Look inside yourself and discover the spark of creativity, and that’s the passion burning bright. Having passion brings the desire to work and to pursue your dreams, and to create art. It’s your fire!


Having personality enables you to experience the spirit and life of adventure. Having a personality enables you to stamp your art with your own thoughts and passion. No matter how much you plan your next piece, there’s no guarantee it will turn out the way you meant it. But a successful artist will recognize and capitalise on them.

An adventurous spirit enables you to explore new themes or to tackle a familiar subject in a different way. Personality will also enable you to step out and market your work to the public. And once you have bitten into it, your personality and sense of adventure will keep you moving forward.


Being disciplined is a major asset in any creative talent’s armoury. Harnessing persistence, patience and passion, while having the personality to underpin all these characteristics, is very important. But to be precise and be disciplined in your art and not letting your other characteristics – such as passion – cause an imbalance in your approach is the overriding factor

You need to be precise with persistence and patience to finish artwork that can then be promoted and, hopefully, sold. And no matter how much personality you have, if you lack discipline to be precise in everything you do means you will never move on.

Practice these five P’s because as they say: Practice makes perfect.

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