Practice Makes Perfect: Three Ways To Improve And Revitalise Your Medical Practice

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As you may already know, Stuart and I are business coaches for creative industry. From time to time we do select interesting clients to  work with.  This week this post is a litttle different to our regular posting. This post is about Medical Practice and  tips on how to revitalise  your practice so you are still in touch with  your business practice today.

A medical practice should be a pillar of its community. You’re in a position to actually help the people around you and make a real positive contribution. The tricky thing is that your practice is also a business. You need to run it like a business without sacrificing your core message and aims. Over time, the troubles of running a business can start to wear on the practice and get in the way of what you’re really trying to do. In the worst case scenario it can actually start to come between you and your patients. Fortunately it’s not all doom and gloom. There are a bunch of different ways that you can bring life back to your practice to help it get back to what it should be doing: helping your patients.

Change up the office

The first thing that patients will see when they enter the practice is, of course, the office itself. It won’t matter how well they are taken care of, if the atmosphere of the practice is dreary, drab and depressing then they’re going to end up feeling uncomfortable. By creating a much brighter, cleaner and more welcoming atmosphere then you can help your patients feel happy and cared for from the moment they enter the building. There are plenty of options for medical fitouts to create a fresh, new and exciting design for your practice.


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Expand your services

You should be paying close attention to the ways that demographics in the area shift over time. If you come across a service that a large portion of your demographic wants or needs, then it’s probably something that you should be providing. Look into whether you’re actually offering the right services for your patients. If not, then think about expanding what your practice offers. Are there a lot of families in the area around your practice? Then consider having a dedicated pediatrician in practice. Changes like this will make your practice more valuable in the community and improve the relationship between you and your patients. Of course, if you want to find out what services are required then there’s really only one way to do that.


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Talk to your patients

Any changes that you make should start with talking to your patients themselves. Your patients know what it is they want from you, and you’ll do far better by listening to the things that they have to say than by assuming you know what they want. Offer them the opportunity to leave detailed feedback after every appointment as well as consistently enquiring about what you could do to improve. There’s a good chance that in a relatively short amount of time, you’ll find that patterns start to emerge. Pay close attention to these patterns and make sure that you’re analyzing them carefully. Once you can see and understand those patterns, you’ll be in a much better position to start making some real, impactful, positive changes to your practice.

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