Where Should You Put All Your Business’s Surplus Cash?

Most businesses have at some time wondered where they should put all their surplus cash. There’s no point just having it sit in a business bank account, earning practically no interest. Something needs to be done with it.


If businesses are smart with their excess cash, they can make a significant chunk of money. Here’s what to do.

Look For Investments With “Population Potential”


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Globally the middle class is expanding. We’re going to see an extra 2.5 billion people in the middle class over the next ten years, thanks to China and India getting richer. This means that there is going to be another 2.5 billion people demanding products like they do in the West.

Companies need to focus on the industries that will benefit most from these changes. This includes the agricultural, pharmaceutical and tourism sectors.

Be Smart About The Type Of Trading You Do

Online CFD trading has become a lot more popular recently, partly thanks to how easy it is to understand. The kind of trading you do will go a long way to determining your overall level of success. Start off by putting your money into products that you understand. Then, when the time is right, branch out to new financial products that are more complicated. Eventually, you’ll be able to master dozens of different commercial products. But doing so requires understanding the implications of each.

Invest In MITCH Sectors

MITCH stands for media, information, telecommunication, consumer, and health. Governments all over the world are investing in these sectors. They see them as the drivers of future growth in the economy, and in their tax income.

Now the main political parties all over the world as trying to get these stocks to outperform the rest of the market. Countries are lowering the value of their currencies to try to attract overseas investors. As a result, it’s a good idea to look out for countries being most aggressive and investing there.

Don’t Bother With Miners


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Recently, one of the world’s biggest mining companies, BHP Billiton, lost more than half of its value in just 18 months. It was a huge shock to the market which expected that mining stocks would continue strong. The problem is that mining has been in a secular decline for a long time now. Many businesses originally thought that mining stocks were a good bet because of the growing population. But mining operations in Western countries have fallen flat, thanks to cheap labor elsewhere. Commodity prices, strangely, have crashed. And this means that many of the companies that trade in mining stocks won’t survive. As a result, the advice right now is to avoid miners like Rio Tinto and stick to stocks elsewhere. According to experts, the resources sector will recover, just not in the near future.

Invest In Future Technology



When it comes to technology, it’s always a good idea to get ahead of the wave. Businesses looking for a good ROI should invest in tech stocks. Technology is going to be playing a bigger role in our economy over the next decade. Opportunities include cognitive technologies, like deep learning and AI.

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