As a contemporary artist looking to keep ahead of the market, the need for a digital presence is the only way to keep your art in the mind’s eye of regular fans and potential collectors.

In this fast-paced world, you can’t afford NOT to have a blog. Whether it’s simply keeping your database up to date with your own art, blogging about your images, the general state of the art world or the reasons why you painted a certain theme or way.

The need to reach out to personally connect with people is the only way to make a living. And a blog is the most direct, personal way of doing it! If you haven’t got a blog, here are a few tips why you should consider launching into the digital stratosphere:

A blog means money: Make your blog the High Street window on the world where you can sell your art to discerning visitors, friends and family. For people knowing they are just one click away from seeing your art and your potential will be great.

Blog to basics: Internet search engines don’t ‘understand’ images – only words. So starting a blog, putting your portfolio online and writing about the art is a sure-fire way of developing an audience and being found through Google and other social media platforms.

Consider an option like NetSHINE Digital which offers a blog, portfolio AND PayPal all together on your own website. So there’s no need for people to move away from your blog, everything’s together.

Blog for art: Writing blogs about art will help your audience develop a deeper understanding of the artist and their art. By reading other blogs and getting to know other artist bloggers, you‘ll be exposed to art and opinions that you‘d never have come across.

Personal touch: Buyers of art rarely buy simply for art’s sake. They want the blood, guts and tears and the tales as well. So providing a personal touch with a blog giving your reasoning for a particular piece you’ve created will enable collectors to ‘feel’ the journey. And they get to know the artist behind the art.

Blog dialogue: Although a blog is rather one-sided – you write, you control, you post – it actually offers a dialogue to the potential collector about you and your art. It may well also develop into new ideas for you to explore through your art.

Expressionism: One fundamental angle that an artist savors and covets is freedom. Whether it be through words, pictures or images, the ability of freedom to express yourself is fantastic. A blog, in a similar way, enables you to tell the world what you’re doing, why and how. You can also put your personal stamp on things, with views about the art industry and tell the world how YOU see it.

Blog as a teacher: You can benefit from showing and sharing others your knowledge. Artists have something that people will always want to learn—the ability to paint or draw, or sculpt. So having an art blog is extremely easy to share what you know and to inspire others.

Blog to blog: Reaching out and telling people about other art blogs – such as ArtSHINE – is a neat way of showing support for other artists and they will hopefully share your link backs to your blog for their art fan base. You never knew spreading could be mutually beneficial!

Skepticism: If you are still skeptical about starting a blog then ask other artists that have. Learn from them and you’ll realize the internet is a massive shop window for your art, your career and you. As the months go on, you’ll gain more readers, more comments from other artists, and possibly more sales. But if you never start, you’ll never know.

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