Charity Work is an Effective Team Building Tool


Team building might be a dreaded activity for many staff, but if there is one thing that will make them feel good about themselves, it is to volunteer for a charitable event. Charity work and events are more and more used by management to effectively build a great team of workers.

Working together as a team for a charitable cause has several benefits. It strengthens teamwork, fosters a sense of belonging, improves morale and builds communication skills. Spending time together away from the office matters and helps in creating well-rounded teams. Whether you are organizing a run for a cause, helping put together care packages for servicemen, go golfing or hosting a ball, giving back to the community is a clear winner.

Boston Golfers Played to Support Macmillan

A story published by the Boston Standard reported that golfers from Boston completed 72 holes of golf within 24 hours. The event was in support of Macmillan, a non-profit organization that supports cancer patients. While golfers were putting away, friends in the community were busy with raffles and auctions to raise additional funds for the cancer trust.

The team work showed by golfers and members of the community demonstrated that pursuing a common goal is possible in spite of differences.

They worked together side by side to raise as much money as they can for a cause they all believe in. Not only was there a competitive spirit by racing 72 holes in a day, but also motivation to tackle a challenge. Moreover, staying outdoors felt good even if movement was not intense as golf is not a high-energy sport. It was also an enjoyable activity for the golfers who did a great job that day.

Using Charity Work for Team Building

The sports event demonstrated that an activity with a charitable component is an effective method of team building. It is a strategy that should not be overlooked by management to generate a solid team culture. A charity event does not have to be something grand for even activities on a small-scale can have a big impact on participants and more so for beneficiaries. Volunteering time for an event has several advantages including enhanced physical & mental health, sense of fulfillment and a better understanding of your team and the community. A charity event is an effective team building exercise that not only brings employees together, enhances team spirit, but also makes them feel good about themselves by doing something that has value for the less fortunate.

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