If writers have ‘writer’s block’ where they can’t turn a word, then artists suffer from ‘creative freeze’ – a desert of ideas, creation and spark.

For most, a creative freeze is the worst possible fate. Your mojo has upped and left for a vacation and you fear stagnation. Many artists struggle with this. But what if that dark cloud has a silver lining?

We have a client who has suffered this creative freeze for 12 months.  His last artwork was finished in late 2015 and since then there has been no output, with little inspiring him or concepts being finished.

At first, the silence was crushing. For someone who has been painting for nearly two decades with very few breaks, this was a frightening thought. Sound familiar? It took a series of circumstances for him to embrace the creative freeze rather than wrestle with it.

Creative freeze benefits

Sometimes a freeze is a signal for a creative rest, a step back, a look back on the journey and an observe-the-scenery-point in life. Rather than despair, use it as a time to do something else. Even better disengage from the worry and embrace things such as workshops, classes, and other forms of education. Park your art and take a break.

Here are a few positives to draw from the negative of ‘creative freeze’

Write: For some, writing is a release from their art bind. So why not try freelance writing for other business websites? Write about your art as that is your strength. Journal the experience. Often writing is a visual expression of what art is. So you may actually work through the art freeze by sparking other talents.

Read: When you are not actively painting, you should be looking to enhance your skills by reading art inspired blogs that can throw light on your dark. So sit down and read about more types of art and methods than you would have done. Push yourself out of your comfort zone.

Research: This is browsing websites of artists and photographers who work in subject areas that overlap or complement yours. You should  look for things you didn’t know about, or for current events; things that might play a role in your next painting.

Learn: With the freeze on, you can stimulate thoughts through education. So what better time to learn a new skill?

Teach: As artists, the best way to build your brand and profile is through teaching. Teaching others is one of the best ways to learn new things and see your students thrive.

Try something new: Are you a painter? Try collage. Sculpturing your specialty? Try writing. Cross creative energies will help exercise your talents without pressure. There are no deadlines and no expectations. But they keep the creative juices bubbling.

Refresh and recharge: Contemplate the boundaries of your life. Go in search of museums, libraries and theatres to help spark imagination. Relax, network or seek out a new hobby. Refreshing and recharging the creative batteries will help immeasurably in the long run. As for us we go on a cruise to different cities and countries and do the art of doing nothing or “il dolce far niente”.

“The art of doing nothing are simple ways to make time for yourself, and at ArtSHINE we call it  “The  Me Time”. It’s your time to let go of your hectic life to refresh and renew yourself.” you must try it and I am sure you will ove it too.

If you are skating on a creative freeze, you are not alone. The key is to fight back and return to your creativity stronger. Welcome it, embrace it. A creative freeze is just as much a part of the creative process as creation itself.

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