It turns out that the way that your blog looks matters a great deal for the amount of traffic it will receive. A blog that looks good actually engenders more trust than one that looks as if it was plucked from the 1990s and makes it easier to sell whatever you’re selling. Take a look at these ideas for helping to make your blog stay both current and beautiful.

Blog Beauty Tip 1: Use Black On White, Not The Other Way Around

You might love the idea of having a black or purple background on your blog, but there’s a good chance that your readers won’t. Yes, it’ll look different, but most people’s preference is for black on white, not the other way around. Some bloggers experiment with light patterns in the background, which can work if done carefully. Others experiment with putting photos in the background, although these tend to form the page background, rather than the backdrop of the article itself. Avoid blocky colours at all costs, as these detract from the text.



Blog Beauty Tip 2: Keep Animated Elements To A Minimum

When you’re playing with your new blog, it’s often tempting to include graphics and things that pop out. But most people on your blog aren’t used to this sort of thing. Dancing symbols, music and whooshing noises aren’t the norm and people especially don’t like it when things auto-play without their express consent. A better approach, according to blogging expert Adriel Booker, is to keep your blog as still as possible. Some of the most successful blogs in the world rose to the top of the global rankings in their respective fields, just using regular typefaces and formats. Remembers, it’s not just moms in their pajamas who are reading your blog. It’s all sorts of people, from business professionals to PR experts.

Blog Beauty Tip 3: Use WordPress

There are other blogging platforms out there, but none offer the range of themes and add-ons that WordPress hosting does. WordPress became the blog hosting leader because it provides so much flexibility and the fact that search engines love WordPress sites. For companies, in particular, it offers a whole host of advantages. You get control over your site in real time, without having to wait for developers to get back to you on changes you wish to make. And your site is 100 percent customizable, meaning that you’re able to provide a unique experience for your visitors, unlike some template sites.

Blog Beauty Tip 4: Personalise Your Blog With A Photo Of Yourself

If you’ve ever been on a top blog, like Entrepreneur, you’ll notice that they get all their contributors to send in a thumbnail picture of themselves. The reason they do this isn’t just to advertise, it’s also to generate a sense of trust. When people know more about the person writing the blog, they’re more likely to trust it and know that it came from an expert source, rather than somebody making it up as they go along.

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