I come from a family of entrepreneurs – from my mom and dad to my brothers. They all run successful multiple businesses.

Inspiration is all around me. From my parents who taught me how to create a business from scratch to triumph, to my younger brother, Anthony, a wonderfully artist talented who has his own fashion design studio.

If you’re interested in how I came to be an entrepreneur, then you can read these tales that my mum told me and how each story helped me to become who I am today.

Volume 1: The tales my mother told me

Volume 2: The tales my mother told me

Drawing on these articles and my family, I have drawn up 7 creative ways for you to become an entrepreneur and follow mine and my family’s path to discovering talent and success:

Your own story: Reflect on your own story and use it as the driver to engineer your entrepreneurial success. Your unique story helps to set up your brand, just as we have at ArtSHINE. Offering an emotional connection is a key touchstone in the creative industry you wish to excel in.

Journey over destination: While it’s good to have a destination in mind, the journey is more than important. So don’t over strategise and plot your path in detail. My family, while brimming with entrepreneurs, has never been big on planning too far into the future. In saying that you still require to allocate time to work on your ABOVE  your business. In doing so, we are better adapted to changing direction and being flexible when change comes and move with the times. Plus, it makes business more fun.

Find a coach or a mentor: “A coach empowers you to see possible future, and believe it can be achieve.”~Vinh Van Lam. On the journey, being able to talk to and listen to other inspirational people who have the same drive and believe in you is exceptionally important. Having a mentor is critical to your success.

Develop connections: While going it alone is heroic, be realistic. Entrepreneurs often get further by bringing an idea to life with a lot of help. Particularly in the creative world where seeking inspiration from others is important. Looking at other people or businesses will motivate you.

Have patience: “Expectations to make a living from art are quite damaging. Don’t rush.” So think carefully and don’t rush to market with an ill-conceived idea. You’ll ruin your reputation and pay for it by trying to recover career.

Brand build: An art business stands or falls on the brand it creates. No brand, no idea, no dice! As a creative, you need to build your brand, your followers and success follows.

Finish the story: As coaches, we often find clients with half finished ideas or concepts that bomb and they wonder why. The why is simple. They failed to complete and see through their ideas. When you see a hurdle, it’s not an obstacle to creation, just a challenge that is overcome by a solution. So finish what you start.

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I am a Business LifeStyle coach who specialises in working with artists, designers, crafters and all creative professionals. Myself and my partner Stuart Horrex are here to help you to achieve your Life & business goal and dreams. We have had over 20 years experience in finance, retail,furniture,food,wine fashion,crafts and hospitality.

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