The Biggest Factors Affecting Retail Sales: Revealed

If you own a physical retail store, there’s no doubt that your business has changed somewhat in the past decade or so. The world of ecommerce has had an enormous impact on your ability to sell products, and the many store closures that are occurring every year are a sign of the times.

However, in many cases, retailers aren’t helping themselves. And in this guide, we’re going to explore some of the biggest factors that are resulting in a bad performance when it comes to your sales. Take a look, and see if there are any areas of your business that you could improve.

The Internet

As we mentioned above, the Internet is changing retail – and if you aren’t changing with it, you are unlikely to survive. The solutions are surprisingly simple, however. Ensure you have an online outlet for your store to give you more market share. And start thinking of creative ways to encourage people to come in and pay you a visit. Store exclusive deals and promotions, special events – the list is a long one of you think hard enough.

Your staff

Your employees are incredibly important for your sales figures. Without the right staff, with the appropriate levels of training, you can expect customers to leave – permanently – and sales to slump. Many retail stores end up closing due to poor quality staff, and it’s all down to the owners at the end of the day. Don’t be like them, give your employees what they need to excel, and you should keep your sales levels to a reasonable and profitable level.

Your front of store

Be vigilant in making sure your store is always welcoming and presentable. If you don’t get people through the door, there’s no footfall – and with no footfall, there are no sales. Keep the front of store displays well stocked with popular products to draw people in, and keep things clean and tidy at all times. Any sign of vandalism is a turnoff for customers, so react fast if it occurs, whether you need graffiti removal products or a glass replacement service. Any hint of criminal activity will make your customers feel unsafe – which is never a good environment for them to spend money.

Your knowledge

If you can prove to your customers that you are a better option than reading an online blog or a sales page, then they will keep coming back. It’s as simple as that, and every retailer should understand it. Your customers want industry knowledge and helpful advice – and the vast majority of them will want both from an actual human being. So, ensure that you know everything about the products you sell and be the person that knows each item’s USP and how they work. You will build trust – the essential starting point for any relationship – and your sales will improve no end.

As ou can see, several key factors will have an impact on your sales. The major issue for you as a retailer hoping to survive and thrive in a different world is simple. Is that impact negative, or are you turning it into a positive?

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