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If you are working in a creative industry and trying to sell your work online, there are heaps of roadblocks that are in your way. There’s a good chance your business – whether full-time or otherwise – will have the budget that large enterprises can afford to invest in online visibility. So, what you need is a little creativity – and we’re going to explore some methods with you today. Let’s get started with some of the basics.

Local paid search

Your business will not be able to compete on a national scale when you are just starting out. And trying to buy advertising online will be expensive, whatever method you choose to do it. However, take a look at your local market and things might be a little different. There will be less competition in your field or industry, for example, and you have free listings services available to you both on and offline. All of it can be used to drive traffic to your site, and it won’t cost you a cent.

Build links to your site

Building links has many different benefits for your business, but the two most important are the impact it can have on your SEO and the increase it can give to your traffic numbers. There is a broad range of techniques you can consider, from viral link building through to reaching out to other bloggers in your field and guest posting for them. Just make sure you start building relationships with people first, and your requests for guest posting opportunities will be more likely to succeed.

Local media advertising

Don’t forget, you can also drive traffic to your site from using offline marketing methods, too. Radio ads are dirt cheap these days, and if you are creative enough to create a promo movie or ad, why not get in touch with your local cinema? There are thousands of movie screens in almost every state, and many of them run local ads – there is no reason why yours can’t be one, and it’s cheaper than you might think.

Build partnerships

As a solo creator, there is a good chance your budget for increasing exposure won’t amount to much. But what if you were to team up with others in your situation? Partnerships work in many different ways and can prove fruitful if you are targeting the same market. Look for complementary businesses to your own, and perhaps you can share customers, offer more complete services – think an artist and a printer – and maybe even share advertising costs.


Whether you like it or not, you have to get out there and promote what you do. Word-of-mouth recommendations are easier to give when you know, and like, the person you are recommending. And the only way to encourage people to act on your behalf is by getting out there and meeting them. Look at industry events in your local area – maybe even try some community events. You could possibly consider doing some free work for charity – create a prize for an auction, for example. The point is – get out there. Once you start, you will begin to find it second nature.

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