“Different Worlds” – a joint exhibition by Girija Kulkarni and James Mathurin. Opening Saturday 4th February 2-4pm

Please join us to celebrate the launch of a joint exhibition by Girija Kulkarni and James Mathurin. Girija and James were the joint winners of the 2016 “Celebrate Diviersity” competition.

“Different Worlds”


1st-22nd February


Saturday Sat 04 February

from 2 PM – 4 PM

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3 Blackfriars Street, Chippendale

About the exhibition



There are different small worlds in this big world.
Different people, different thoughts, different visions, different goals, and so many more different things.
The ‘different’ is not as a ‘comparison’. ‘Different is a ‘diversion’.
We all are the same in this world. The same but different. This makes us each unique and special.
In this show you can see the differences between the two artists; different subjects, different styles, and different mediums.
Girija works with natural elements and watercolours. Her works are based on the real world.
James is fantasy and scientific based with lines, shapes, and digital colouring.
All these differences are very apparent, but the common factor between them is “diversity”.

We invite you to join us to celebrate the opening of this exhibition, and enjoy “DIFFERENT WORLDS” with Girija and James.

About The Artist:


Girija Kulkarni

“I as a visual artist seek the medium of painting to express myself, honestly this is the better way for me to express”! Colors are my comfort zone, Color palette, brushes, painting mediums, variety of surfaces to paint on… you can go on. I believe it’s the ability to reincarnate the mind through artistic expression gives rise to an Art Form. In simple words, “I am an Artist”.

“I am not running to reach anywhere, enjoying the process of learning new things in the journey of art. Constantly searching the new mediums to express my thoughts through my art. I love the pain of creation; the process of an idea is taking shape, many times knowing the end result but sometimes without knowing the end result! And feel that restlessness to reach that point of the end result! You are welcome to join me on this creative path, as this journey is endless!


James Mathurin

I’m James Mathurin. I’m a Londoner, living and working in Sydney, who primarily works in a mixture of traditional pencil and ink linework and digital, and also photography and graphic design. I hold a BA in Illustration from Middlesex University, and has worked in advertising and stand-alone pieces. Comics, animation and science (both real and fictional) have always been influences that turn up in my art. I also do photography, particularly street art from around the world, and some of it makes its way into my art


About The Author

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