Biz Pick Of The Week-“Lego” Of Your Inhibitions! The Building Blocks Of Running A Startup In Construction

The building blocks of a construction business are much like any other business. The fundamental materials are exactly the same, the marketing, the location, and the tools. The nature of the construction industry is constantly changing due to the improvement in technology, and this is making jobs easier for many companies. The worry is that in 20 or 30 years time that technology will make menial jobs redundant, as they could be done by machine, but in the meantime, if you are working hard to get your construction startup off the ground, there are some basics to take on board.

The Marketing Fundamentals

You need to find out where there is a sector of the industry that is crying out for business. The process of marketing a construction business is based on the ability to carve out a specific niche for yourself. What are the best processes? Market research is a way to really figure out what market you could potentially corner. Before you start trading, finding one specific niche is much better than being a jack of all trades. A lot of startups make the same mistake. By their reckoning, if you are a business that covers all aspects, you are covering all bases and giving you a wider scope of work, right? Wrong. By focusing your approach to just one or two types of work, you are better able to provide services to people in those sectors, rather than providing a generalized service that won’t win you any more contracts. Jack of all trades, master of none. That’s the expression. Once you have established your identity, everything else will fall into place. You can promote your business accordingly, and you can develop a marketing campaign that communicates your business brand and will help you to build on relationships with clients and customers.

The Equipment

The construction business is awash with washers, PVC duct supplies, tools, and cement mixers, to name but a few! Choosing your right industrial supplier at the start of the business, instead of switching suppliers as your business gains momentum will help to establish a worthwhile relationship, meaning that if you are struggling to pay your supplier due to a late payment from your contractor, it may soften the blow for them! Choosing the right supplier, to provide your light columns for street work, or for night-time work, will be a handy arsenal in your construction toolbox.

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The Relationships

Establishing a relationship with clients, contractors, and customers are all so important to the successful running of any business. Doing a good job for one client gets you recommended to the next client, and the whole thing can snowball. As a startup, you cannot underestimate the importance of what a good word put in by someone can do for you. As your business gets larger and expanding becomes a necessity, those relationships you have cultivated in the infancy of the company will be the trick to keeping you sustained long into the future. Marketing is one thing to get your business out there, relationships are another thing completely.

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