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Pr and Marketing can seem like a whole different world.  You’ve got great products and a brilliant business but how do you get the message out there and bring customers to you?

A lot of marketing and public relations happens online now and many companies opt to hire in professionals or consultants to help them understand the different advertising trends, training them how to think, live and breathe marketing.

Here we’ll show you the basics of online marketing and how that can develop into a real-world event.

If you think Facebook and Twitter are just for keeping in touch with your mates and moaning about politics, you are wrong.  Platforms like this were made for small businesses and are an excellent, cost free and effective way to get your business known.  Take a look at The Final Hurdle for some deeper insight to digital marketing.  Grabbing an account with a punchy name is important but what to do if it’s not available?  Don’t worry, you can get creative using ‘@weareblackbirdart’ or ‘@welcometopaulsaudio’ often a friendly profile will warm people to you which is the best start.  

You need a personality on the internet so make your posts as interesting and engaging as possible. Use a hashtag to get your post noticed, if you are an artist then type #Art or other related words to draw people to your account.  It helps to have a linked blog, somewhere you can write about your product and also what interests you in your industry.  Engage with your followers and make them feel you are interested in them and that you are an authority in your field.  

A good way to spread the word is by running a competition.  A targeted marketing campaign to get people aware of your brand.  Either by giving away your product or by joining forces with another company and giving something away.  It can be as simple as a bottle of Gin or a night in a hotel.  Find an associated company who can benefit from the competition as much as you.  Get networking!

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Once you have a good following it’s time to consider holding an event for face to face marketing (You do this every time you speak to someone about your product) choose a venue and use a transport equipment hire company to transport your products.  Make the space unique and engaging with plenty of brand advertising.  Free food and drink will entice people but don’t look at this as an event purely for potential clients.  Think about free press.  Invite local journalists and research influential bloggers who will write about your event giving you even more coverage.  

Make use of all the Live video streaming platforms such as Periscope, Instagram and Facebook Live to share your event with the world.  You don’t have to be a professional to film a great event.  Just grab your phone and get chatting about who you are and what you do.  Pretty soon you’ll have a buzzing and social media platform with people coming to you for advice and help.  

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