Want To Be Self-Employed? Here Are Some Of Your Career Options
Have you always dreamed of being your own boss and going self-employed? If so, you will have probably already thought about your job options. Not every career cis suitable to self-employed and freelance workers, so your current full-time job might not be suitable for you if you decide to go it alone. As a result, you might have to think about going into a different line of work. But don’t worry; that doesn’t mean that you will need to retrain or get some more qualifications. Here are some high-paying jobs that you will be able to do as a freelancer!

Artist/ Designer

I am sure many people who are not artists curious about this right? If you are a seasoned artist, you would wondering the same thing too. Artists and designers know that to make a living from their art, you must  create, promote and sell  your work.

Firstly, let’s step outside of the art and designer circle for a few minutes.

Let’s look at this example:

Just say you really love to travel. What could you do to earn a living out of travelling?
 Here are a few things we have come up with:
  • Become a flight attendant
  • Become a tour guide
  • Run a travel agent business
From the above, as you can see, these are very different jobs. But they all involve turning a passion for travelling into income.
Now let’s look at an artist. For example, Ceramist A and Ceramic B technically have the same role and job title, but they may earn a living in completely different ways. Ceramist A plans to earn all of his income through  art commissions only, while Ceramist B focuses exclusively on retail and wholesales. So if art or design is your passion and you live and breathe it, then there are many ways to turn your art or design into income too. Check out this article:Different ways of making a living as an artist or a designer


If you enjoy writing and regularly write short stories, then you could try your hand at becoming a professional writer and author. The best way to get started is to start submitting your pieces of work to online literary journals and websites. Unfortunately, you will probably have to send them to sites that don’t pay until you have built up a portfolio. Once your portfolio builds up and becomes quite impressive, you will be able to start pitching story ideas to journals and magazines who pay. You never know, you might end up writing a whole novel and could even become the next J. K. Rowling!

Network Marketing

If you are already a good salesperson, then you will be a natural in the network marketing industry. This is the perfect job for those who wish to work from home and get away from the restrictive nine till five schedule. When it comes to this type of work, you will be able to do it whenever you want! If you aren’t entirely sure about this type of work and the growing industry, there are plenty of online guides that are can help you get started in network marketing.

Financial Adviser

If your previous job was in the financial sector, then you might want to see about becoming a self-employed financial adviser. As part of this job, you will need to give your clients advice on various aspects of finance, including pensions, mortgages, and life insurance. It is even possible to get into this line of work if you don’t have any previous experience of working in finance. As long as you have a strong interest in the economy and have a good background knowledge of finance, you will be able to find plenty of people who want to hear your advice.

Cafe Owner

Why not open your very own cafe or coffee shop? This is such a rewarding job that anyone can do! All you need is enough money to rent out a cafe. If you like, you could even create a new one rather than taking over an existing basis. This job can be as flexible as you want it to be. For instance, you could work in your cafe each day or hire staff to take care of the business for you.

There are many different types of self-employed career options; these are just a few ideas to inspire you!

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