Short Story Stand ay the Life InStyle trade show February 2017

At one point or another, every business needs to get involved in a trade show of some kind. Trade shows are a powerful way for your business to get involved within the industry that you are working in, to get recognised by other companies and clients and potential customers alike, and to show off a little to your rivals. But if you have never attended a trade show in this function before, then you might be wondering how best to approach the whole situation. In this article, we are going to look at some tricks of the trade show, so that you can more easily make the most of your time there.

Social Proof Leads To Trust

One of the major things that you need to be doing at all times during the trade show is simply interacting with people. On a certain level, it doesn’t even matter too much how you are interacting, so long as there is some kind of conversation going on. This is because of a sociological phenomenon known as social proof. If people see lots of other people doing something, then it seems to suggest that that is something worthwhile. If someone sees lots of people at your stand, then they are likely to come over, too. This is a powerful force, and once harnessed, it can be used to draw in greater numbers of clients than you might be currently used to. To make the most of social proof, have one or two people constantly engaging with passers-by, with someone else looking out for onlookers to engage with.

A Customized Pitch Sells More

If you are going to put effort into any part of the whole experience, make it your actual pitch – your stand itself – as this is likely to have a profound impact on any passers-by. The bolder, more original your pitch, the more likely it is that you will draw in greater numbers of people. You also need to think about the importance of first impressions – as with people, businesses only get one chance at a first impression, and it needs to be as positive as possible to get the reaction you want. Use goods from a company like Event Display to ensure that your pitch is as bold and original as it possibly can be. With any luck, this will dramatically increase the amount of customers you get flooding in.

The Follow-Up Is Just As Important
One of the major mistakes that are commonly made at trade shows is to forget about the follow-up to the conversation. If you think about it, this is a foolish way of approaching the whole situation. If you fail to follow up your best interactions, then it is almost as though those conversations didn’t even occur. Make sure you have in place a specific plan for how to follow up all conversations which might generate leads of any kind. This will ensure a more complete use of the trade show day.

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