5 Profitable B2B Service Industry Startup Ideas You’ll Love

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These days there is a raft of service industry companies that have grown into successful enterprises. There’s no denying that the B2B (business-to-business) sector is booming in the 21st century! As more firms look to outsource various functions, there is a growing demand for service companies to fulfil those needs.

If you’re thinking of startup up a new business, have you thought about starting a B2B service industry company? The following are five examples of profitable businesses that you can start today:

  1. Social Media Consultancy

All organisations, regardless of their industry, want to have a strong online presence. Part of their marketing strategies will involve social media, but many firms don’t have the necessary skills to promote themselves on social networks.

Arguably one of the most profitable B2B startup businesses around is that of a social media consultancy. As the name suggests, you work with other companies to find out more about them and how they wish to promote themselves online via social media.

  1. Office Design Consultancy

Many new and existing firms will have a need to move into a new office space. The trouble is, the space they are leasing or buying will often be bare and not have any fixtures or fittings. The good news is that office design consultants can take care of that for their clients!

They can create a layout and style that appeals to their customers and ensure it gets implemented by other third-party contractors. Design consultants can handle things like open plan layouts right through to essentials like water coolers and ceiling lights. Above all, they offer a service that ensures a client’s office style represents their brand image.

  1. Copywriting

One of the ways that many businesses fail on is their spelling and grammar! Promotional material and even storefront signs can have all kinds of typos that put off potential customers from buying anything!


A copywriter’s job is to create content that is compelling and packs a punch. As a copywriter, you could work on projects such as blog articles, press releases, and even technical product manuals. You can offer your services on a freelance basis or work for just one large business client.

  1. Event Management

Corporate events are something of a specialist niche. When it comes to making a good first impression, companies would rather pay management firms to create memorable events for them. Event management businesses offer services for meetings, employee team-building, and seminars among others.

The role of an event management firm is to make a client’s vision for a particular idea come true. Of course, they have the challenge to do so within a particular budget set out by their customers!

  1. Research Services

Last, but not least, an intriguing B2B idea is research services. In a nutshell, your company would spend its time carrying out all kinds of research for its clients. Typically, the research gets done for feasibility studies if a business wants to branch out into a new industry or venture.

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