Easy Tips For A Smooth Office Move

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One of the best things about planning an office move is the reason for it. Some companies move offices for the space, which means they’re increasing staff and therefore expanding their business. Others move for convenience or financial reasons. Regardless of why you are moving offices, you need it to go smoothly. There’s nothing worse than chaos and when you need to keep things running, an office move can cause a little chaos!

Firstly, you have to think about your staff and how valuable they are to your business. The reason this matters is because when you move offices you don’t want it to be such an inconvenience that you lose productive workers. A great company can’t go anywhere unless the people who work for it work in sync so consider the difficulties for them before you go ahead. Obviously, if you have a larger team this won’t really be possible as you cannot be responsible for thirty people, but for close-knit, smaller numbers they’ll thank you for it!

Next, you need to notify clients. If you run a business that relies on client interaction, you need to let them know that you are moving office. This is a courtesy and also will give the appropriate notice of any possible disruption in business activity during that time. You’ll want to keep any disruption to a total minimum but there’s bound to be a little teething trouble, especially when it comes to moving phone lines and internet providers, which leads me to my next point.

Setting up the utilities in the new office before you leave the old one is good business sense. Aim for a weekend day for phone number transfer so that on Friday you leave the old office ready to set straight back up on Monday morning. Office equipment should be handled by a professional moving company and you must make sure that the company you use has the correct insurances for the move. Make sure you see the insurance before you go ahead with it as you don’t want any damage being taken out of your pocket. Companies like Kebet are great for purchasing boxes and packing supplies to put all your office equipment and accessories in and you need good, secure storage while you change over the whole office.

Changing over your stationery, letterheads and email signatures is an easy job and takes a few moments for everyone to pitch in and sort their own out. The key for a smooth office move is to plan as early as possible and do things slowly. Letting your staff know six months in advance and slowly packing the office gives you a chance to map out the design and layout for a new office and put your stamp on it as a business. Get your staff excited by the new office move and have everyone pitch in with it, saving you time and getting the morale of the office up before a big change.

Have a stress-free office move!

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