Event Horizons: Creating An Excellent Experience

A well-crafted business event can bring clients together, highlight the importance of a company, or cement relationships with customers. A business event can take the form of anything you want, from a sit-down luncheon to a massive funfair, whatever you think best highlights the qualities of your business and how you view your employees. But setting up a great business event takes time and finesse. And although it can be intimidating, there are only a few things you really need to know.

Figure Out The Scope

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What kind of event will suit your business? If you are limited in experience and have only hosted small events before, doing a day-long, event-packed conference for hundreds of staff members may be a bit overwhelming. Stick to your experience and work to your strengths. Many people overlook quantity over quality. An hour-long workshop in your office may achieve many of the same results as a day-long event, and will save you a lot of money while you’re at it!

Get Your Timings Right

Look at your schedule, and see if there are things like national holidays that may get in the way of having an event on a certain date. You need to have as many attendees as possible so do you need to give people enough time in advance to align their calendars? Timing is everything, and much like when you had a party as a youth, people are unlikely to turn up until later on in the day.  


Choose Your Team Carefully

Who are you going to have in charge of the event? Are you going to outsource to an events specialist, or are you going to do it all in-house? The key to having an efficient team organizing the event is to give very specific duties to each person. Having someone in charge of a specific group of tasks, like food, means that they are in charge of whether to order a corporate catering company or to make the food themselves. And if a company is required, they will need to liaise with the person that is in charge of the finances to know how much is in the budget. Picking your team is not just about the best person for the job, but also how each member works together. You may have a genius in events planning in your company, but if they can’t work with anyone, it’s going to be a stressful process.

Follow Up After The Event

Your work isn’t done as soon as the event is finished, it’s only just beginning! If you have held an event catered towards customers, you need to find out if the event was to their taste. Thank them for turning up and offer an incentive, such as a discount, if they attend the next one. Building customer relationships in person can mean a lot more than an email marketing campaign, and by asking for honest feedback, you can improve your future events and further increase the buzz behind your business and its products.

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