Lower barriers to entry mean that the world’s business environment is increasingly competitive. It is now more important than ever to be able to distinguish yourself from industry competitors. Many of the world’s most successful companies are now placing extra emphasis on creativity within the workplace. This article will outline some of the ways that your small business can get creative in order to stand out from the crowd.


Advertising is an aspect of your business that will greatly benefit from a creative approach. Data suggests that modern generations are increasingly experiencing a phenomena called ‘ad fatigue’, in which consumers are no longer responding to traditional advertising methods. There are a few ways to prevent ad fatigue from having an effect on your bottom line. Firstly, ditch traditional ad streams such as radio, billboard, and television. These avenues no longer have enough traffic to justify their large costs. In addition, consumers seem to be quite wary of these methods of advertising and no longer respond at the rate that was prevalent in the 1980’s and 1990’s. Instead, consider employing a brand ambassador with a large social media presence to promote your products. People trust individuals that have similar interests and authority within their niche, use this to your advantage. Also – employing a brand ambassador is a much more affordable option!

Content Creation

Often, businesses focus too much effort directly on their products and bottom line. Becoming an authority within your industry has substantial downstream benefits that you may not have previously considered. For example, if an auto-insurance company opened up a blog that became the authority on the insurance industry in their area, people would recognize this firm as more than just an insurance provider. Creating valuable content gives your company brand recognition, and although its metrics are not directly measurable, the long term benefits can be enormous. A large scale example of a company employing this method is Red Bull. The energy drink company produces caffeine products but has become synonymous with the world of extreme sports by hosting sporting competitions all around the world. People no longer think of Red Bull as simply a drink – they  view them as an authority in the sporting world.     

Creative Materials

Consumers respond positively to things that are visually appealing. Make sure that your business related materials are unique to your firm – you want to ensure that people know what type of brand you are. Seeking out a web developer with unique designs for webpages and e-mail templates can go a long way. Consumers are overloaded with data – stand out to make sure they notice your products. Depending on your industry, you may want to get creative with your business cards and business stationary as well.

Getting Started

The hardest part about employing some of the techniques in this article is getting started. Don’t be averse to change within your company, firms that adapt to changing market environments are often the most successful in the long run. Luckily, facilitating creativity in your firm does not come at a high cost. You can employ brand ambassadors and begin content creation for a relatively small startup cost. Search the internet for creative web developers, or employ a graphic designer to make unique designs for your business cards and stationary. By making creativity a habit in your firm you will see unique approaches to problem-solving become common practice at your company. So what are you waiting for, have a discussion with your employees about instilling a culture of creativity, you’ll see the benefits in no time!

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